How to disable the safe search on your mobile and enable it after

disable safe search on mobile

Safe Search is a useful tool provided by Google that enables you to filter explicit content from your search results, ensuring that certain content you do not wish to see does not appear. It’s particularly valuable when handing your mobile device to children or when you want Google to exclude specific pages from your searches, especially if you notice an influx of such content when conducting certain queries on the search engine.

If you find yourself weary of the search engine filtering out results and prefer to view all the outcomes of your queries, you have the option to deactivate Safe Search. However, figuring out how to do it can be a bit challenging. Therefore, we’ll guide you through the simple process of both activating and deactivating Safe Search at your convenience. This will prove handy if you wish to disable it on certain occasions, restrict it only when children use the mobile device, or customize its usage based on your work or personal preferences.

Please note that Safe Search primarily filters explicit content in Google search results, such as explicit websites, videos, or images. It does not have an impact on other search engines or directly accessed websites or pages. Explicit content includes pornography, violence, and graphic imagery, among other sexually explicit materials. As mentioned earlier, if you prefer to disable the filtering of such content, the process is straightforward, and we’ll outline the steps for you.

How to disable or enable safe search

Enabling or disabling Safe Search at your convenience is a quick and straightforward process, taking less than a minute. However, it requires you to be signed in to your Google account, as each account can have different settings. Let’s explore the different methods to accomplish this on Android phones and iPhones.

On Android mobiles

You have the flexibility to customize Safe Search according to your preferences, and on your Android mobile, you’ll find various options to choose from, allowing you to select the most comfortable setting for you. Once configured, you will see either filtered or unfiltered results when you perform a Google search.

To adjust Safe Search settings in the browser:

1. Go to the specific page provided.
2. If Safe Search is currently activated and displayed in blue, click on the bar to deactivate it.
3. Click the back button and begin your search.

If you wish to reactivate Safe Search:

1. Return to the same page mentioned earlier.
2. Click to show the blue bar, indicating that it is activated.

By following these steps, you can easily enable or disable Safe Search based on your preferences and search requirements.


To adjust Safe Search settings from the Google app:

1. Open the Google app on your mobile device.
2. Tap on your initial or profile image, typically located in the top right corner.
3. Go to “Settings” in the menu that appears.
4. Look for the option related to Safe Search and confirm its current status.
5. If it is enabled and you wish to disable it, toggle the switch or button to turn it off.


If you decide to enable Safe Search again:

1. Repeat the steps above to access the Google app settings.
2. Locate the Safe Search option.
3. Toggle the switch or button to turn it on.

By following these instructions, you can easily manage and customize the Safe Search settings within the Google app according to your preferences.

How to do it on your iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone and want to adjust Safe Search settings, you can do it easily through the browser. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the browser on your iPhone.
2. Visit the provided link mentioned above.
3. On the page, you will see an option to activate or deactivate Safe Search. Click on the appropriate button based on your preference.
4. Once you’ve made your selection, the Safe Search settings will be applied to your searches on the Google search engine.

To change the Safe Search settings in the future, simply revisit the same page and make the necessary adjustments. It’s important to note that this setting only affects your searches within the Google search engine and does not apply to other search engines or when accessing websites directly.

By following these steps, you can quickly enable or disable Safe Search on your iPhone, ensuring your search results align with your desired content filtering preferences.