How to Disable Ads in MIUI 11 on Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi mobiles are considered cheap considering the benefits they offer. However, users have an extra price to pay, and it is the default incursion of a huge amount of advertising that invades practicing any pre-installed system application. With the update to MIUI 11 this post has not disappeared, which causes complaints from some users. Today we are going to see how to deactivate this annoying amount of ads that on many occasions do not even come to our personal interests.

If you are on your mobile and suddenly a dating app appears as pop-up advertising, your partner may think that it is a banner derived from your likes or previous searches . Many users live with this advertising permanently as they think that it cannot be disabled. They also install other alternative apps to those of Xiaomi to avoid this type of ads.

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Can it be disabled?

The question of whether this advertising can be disabled has an affirmative answer. Unfortunately there is no single switch to disable advertising across the entire system. That is why we will have to go application to application to disable the option that makes us see advertising. The option is called ” Receive recommendations” or “Show recommended content” . This option is found in the settings menu of each Xiaomi application. That is, we will find it in the browser, the cleaner, the security app and even in the app that manages our downloads.

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We will have to enter the settings menu in each of these applications, and click on the settings menu (three points) for each of them. Then we will only have to deactivate the switch that refers to those “Receive recommendations” or “Show recommended contents”. By deactivating these options we will not receive advertising when we access them.

Also data collection

In the same way and as a related option, we can deactivate the option that collects data for Xiaomi, which aims at a more accurate advertising sample. To deactivate it we open the Settings application and go to System and Device. Then we click on Additional Settings and touch on Authorization and revocation. Then we look for the option MSA (MIUI System Ads). Finally it only remains to press the button to deactivate it.

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