Differences between 4G and 5G mobiles: Advantages, speed and changes

With the arrival of 5G to terminals , and its impressive expansion, it is normal for many to question whether it is worth getting a phone that allows them to have this connection when using mobile data. For this reason, there is no doubt that it is necessary to know what the differences are between 4G with respect to this latest technology that is increasingly present throughout the world, and also in Spain.

Therefore, it is time to know the strengths, as well as the main differences so that you can solve all your doubts, such as knowing whether or not it is worth buying a smartphone with 5G or continuing to use a 4G mobile. . Although in any case, it will be necessary to set limits and alerts to the consumption of mobile data. As the months go by, and especially as the years go by, the increase and quality of this fifth-generation technology that will completely replace the fourth-generation connection will be undeniable.

Differences between 4G and 5G mobiles

Improvements between 5G to 4G

There are more and more advantages of having a mobile device with this type of network connectivity. For this reason, we are going to explain what it means to have a smartphone today that is capable of using this fifth generation, seeing each of the differences that can be found with respect to 4G.

Problema con el 5G en el móvil

speed and latency

This fifth generation offers us higher speed and lower latency (between 1 and 4 milliseconds) when connecting to the network. On the other hand, within 4G we can find latencies of 100 milliseconds or 20 milliseconds in 4G+ connections. So there is a notable difference between the two networks. In addition, the download speed will be faster, reaching a maximum download of 2 gbps. In the case of the previous generation, it has only been able to reach a maximum download speed of 30 mbps.

Even interactions with the Internet or with the respective Cloud of each manufacturer will be instantaneous. And we cannot forget that mobile broadband is very high, as it is capable of mobile speeds of over 100 Mbit/s and peaks of 1 Gbit/s.


5G is capable of connecting 100 times more devices than 4G at the same time. Basically, up to 100 different devices can be connected at the same time per cell or node in a single square meter. In addition, the availability of this type of network is 99.9999%, even coverage will be close to 100% in the coming years in Spain.

Battery saving

Another of the advantages in which 5G wins over 4G is that it manages to reduce energy consumption . With this new generation for smartphones, you could have up to 10% battery savings. Which suggests that the batteries of our devices will achieve greater autonomy with the same capacity.

What does 4G win?

When it comes time to buy a new mobile device, it is always good to question whether it is better to choose a smartphone with fourth-generation connectivity rather than a 5G one. The truth is that, today, 4G mobiles are still a viable option for the following reasons in which the fifth generation still has to improve to position itself above:

  • All smartphones are compatible with this technology.
  • The price of phones with this mobile network connection is lower.
  • Its signal is more widespread in Spain, so it will be much easier to have 4G on your smartphone.

Despite the fact that, as we have just seen, the benefits of 5G are many, the truth is that we still find some aspects in which it fails compared to 4G:

  • Coverage does not reach all places equally. Although it will arrive first in the cities, the truth is that, in less populated areas, there is still time for the installation of the necessary structure for the arrival of this fifth generation.
  • This technology consumes more battery than mobile phones that have a fourth generation connection. But, it’s only for one reason. Basically, if a smartphone maintains an automatic connection with different networks, by searching for the best one, it will consume more battery power. This is why many recommend disabling this technology if you cannot use it continuously. On the other hand, when it becomes more widespread, we will be able to save up to 10% energy .
  • Having a mobile with this type of connectivity will be a higher expense for our pockets.


Can you have 5G? What to consider

As it is not so widespread, many do not know what they need to enjoy this connection. To do this, a series of ‘requirements’ are needed that we must take into account when we want to use this technology to browse the Internet with our mobile at higher speeds. So we will review what you will need.

Mobile and rate

In addition to needing a compatible phone, we will have to have our line and network contracted with an operator that offers us a 5G connection . It is useless for us to have a mobile with technology, but not with a network provider that allows us to take advantage of it.

In most operators, the basic rates currently only offer 4G+ networks and, therefore, if we want to go one step further, we will have to find the operators that offer it to us. However, not all operators in Spain can offer this connectivity for smartphones.

Is there 5G in your area?

Although a progressive deployment is expected, it will be important to know first of all if we have 5G in the area where we live or not. More than anything, because it will be useless to have a mobile with this connection, in addition to the rate, if later we will not be able to connect.

For now, we find that the most important cities and centers with large populations have this connection in Spain. Although, little by little, this has been expanded so that it reaches more users and offers us the different advantages that we have seen before and that we all want. However, for now, this mobile network is somewhat limited in our country.