Is there a difference between buying from the Apple Store or K-Tuin?

When we talk about buying a new iPhone, Mac or iPad, we always look for the best place to do it with the maximum possible guarantees. Obviously, the first option to consider is the Apple Store, both physical and virtual, but there are also other establishments that are official. One of the most important in our country is K-Tuin , but surely you are wondering if there is any consideration to take into account when shopping in these stores. In this article we solve the possible doubts that you will have.

difference between buying from the Apple Store or K-Tuin

Differences in offers and payment system

The main difference that should be taken into account when buying from the Apple Store or K-Tuin lies mainly in the offers. Apple officially rarely lowers the price of its equipment from what is marked by them. But this does not happen in authorized stores like the one we mentioned where they can make these discounts. That is why it becomes quite easy to find your future computer or mobile phone at a very special price, lower than the official one. In addition, you can also find promotions at very specific times of the year to be able to make gifts or renew equipment.

In case you don’t want to pay for your new device all at once, the Apple Store allows you to comfortably finance an iPhone with a single financial agent. In this case it is Cetelem. But if you don’t like this financer, you can always opt for K-Tuin where an extra financing system is added: with CaixaBank . That is why if you are a client of this bank, you may end up being interested in this third-party store as it may have more favorable conditions.

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Same quality and guarantee

A fundamental aspect that must be taken into account when buying a new device is the guarantee that it has. In this case there are no differences between the two stores, since in both cases there are devices that are completely original and sealed. Remember that K-Tuin is a store authorized by the Cupertino company itself. That is why the same quality guarantees are offered, as if it were purchased in the Apple Store itself.

And another important aspect to take into account is the warranty period for any problem with the purchased device. In this case there are no big differences either, since both establishments are adapted to Spanish legislation . But we also see how in the case of buying at the Apple Store, the two-year warranty corresponds to Apple itself and in this way you can have a better experience. But in the case of making the purchase in K-Tuin, the first year will be with the manufacturer and the second with the seller. Likewise, it should be noted that K-Tuin, in addition to being an official distributor, also has an official technical service to be able to manage the guarantee and have original parts at all times.