Delete Skype account: How to permanently delete the profile

Skype was one of the most used video call programs and we have all used it at some point to talk from the computer. But it is possible that you are no longer interested in using it and you prefer to close your Skype account, permanently delete your Skype account and delete all the data stored in it.

Whether you simply want to remove a Skype subscription or cancel it, or if you want to permanently delete your Skype account, here are the steps and everything you need to know to do it.

Delete Skype account: How to permanently delete the profile

Cancel subscription or change

Skype has a series of plans that we can buy voluntarily and that are not essential to use the application. They are plans designed to make international calls around the world and give us a series of monthly minutes to call a country, for example, having a free trial month. In this case, if we want to cancel or cancel the subscription , we do not need to delete the Skype account, but simply stop the plan and stop paying month by month.


The steps are simple and we can go to the Skype website where we log in with our username and password. Of course, we must take into account something: we must cancel the subscription at least three days before the renewal date if we do not want the amount of the next billing cycle to be charged to our account. Once we have this hot and we are logged in, we go to our Skype profile on the web page and tap on “ Manage

Here we will see the subscription or subscriptions that we have active and a button, under the payment method and the next payment date, that indicates “cancel subscription”. Click on it and you will have to choose between different reasons for cancellation. Once you have chosen, confirm with the green button to cancel.

Please note that you can get a refund if you have canceled an unused subscription or if you have unused Skype Credit if you request a refund within 14 days of purchase. In that case, we have to go to the purchase history page and choose the order. If you have the right to a refund, you will see a button that indicates it and you can confirm so that it is processed and the money is returned to you as long as you comply with the requirements and rules of the program.

delete account

If you want to delete your Skype account permanently and delete all data, you can do it. But you should take into account a number of aspects.

What to consider

We must bear in mind that our email or our Skype profile is not only in this application, but rather it is an account that we use in other services. Skype is, as we have said, one of the many services that the consumer has accessing from the Microsoft account and we cannot separate the Skype profile from the account in general. In this case, if we close the Microsoft account we will delete the Skype account but we will not be able to log in to other Microsoft user products or services such as, Office Online, OneDrive, Xbox Live or Windows.

Before closing your account, Microsoft advises that you check that all important information is saved, that your Skype Credit balance has been used and you don’t have anything you can still use (if you delete it, you can’t get it back). active plans have been cancelled. What they recommend from Microsoft before closing your account is that you know that they will be closed:

  •, Hotmail, Live and MSN email accounts
  • OneDrive files
  • Xbox Live and GamerTag data
  • Skype id and contacts
  • Office digital perpetual licenses
  • The account
  • Account balance, unused rewards points, and Microsoft certification, including passed exams and associated transcripts.

Taking this into account, we can decide whether to leave the Skype account undeleted even if we do not use it. Otherwise, everything or you have will be deleted.

How to permanently remove

If we are clear that we want to delete the Microsoft account, we will not do it from Skype itself but from the website that the company has to delete an email completely . As we can see in the screenshot below, there are a series of recommendations and warnings that you must take into account (check balance and remaining credits, cancel services…) Once we have read them, we can choose how many days we want to spend before closing the account. final form.

As you can see in the image, we can choose between 30 or 60 days until closing. From Microsoft they indicate: “During this time, the account is marked for closure, but it still exists. To reopen it, it will be necessary to verify the identity of the user with the current security information of the account”.

cerrar cuenta

When you have confirmed it, tap on “Next”. Once here, we have to review and check all the boxes from Microsoft before confirming:

  • Access to all personal data will be lost (…)
  • You will lose access to Skype, Office 365, Xbox, OneDrive, Azure…
  • Access to, Hotmail, and OneDrive will be lost
  • Access to all Microsoft certificates obtained will be lost
  • Etc

Cerrar Skype

We have to check the boxes one by one to delete the Microsoft account until we reach the last one: “I confirm that I understand that, after the 60-day recovery period, I will lose access to the sites, services and data associated with this account from Microsoft and that I have reviewed the effects of the account closure.” Mark the check in this box and we will only have the final step: choose the reason.

Cuenta Microsoft

We can open a dropdown in which we must choose why we close the Microsoft account:

  • I am combining Microsoft accounts
  • I use a different Microsoft account and I don’t need this
  • This account was hacked
  • I no longer want a Microsoft account
  • My reason does not appear in the list

Motivos cierre Skype

Once we have chosen it, we touch the “Mark account for closure” button that will allow us to inform the company that we want to delete our email linked to Skype and, therefore, our Skype account.

recover account

If you have chosen not to close permanently for 60 days, we can recover it before that time. Once 60 days have passed there will be no way to recover the account and it will be permanently deleted. If it has not happened, we can recover it and cancel the closure and everything will be as we have left it.

To recover the account we just have to go to any Microsoft service and log in with our usual email and password, nothing more.