Delete the Metadata of Your Videos and Keep Your Privacy in Windows 10

In the times that run the Internet has become a means of communication that most of us use for all kinds of tasks. Thus, we interact with other users through social networks or messaging applications , while we share texts, videos or photographs.

The truth is that all this greatly speeds up communication with other Internet users around the world, but it also has its risks if we do not take action. We tell you this because everything related to privacy and security on the Internet is an increasingly sensitive issue. And is that many times we share content of all kinds lightly, without being aware that we are exposing certain private data.

This is due to the metadata of the files we work with, they are hidden, since they may contain personal information that we do not want to share. Keep in mind that these metadata can often be a risk to our security and privacy , something that extends to videos, photos , or text documents . Therefore, in this case we are going to focus on one of the most used and shared types of files such as the mentioned videos.

In the case that we have created these files ourselves, it is highly recommended that we delete their metadata if we are going to send them. Thus, in the event that we will send them by mail or through social networks, we will show you how to delete these metadata directly from Windows 10 .

Remove metadata from videos in Windows 10

When we share certain somewhat sensitive personal content with third parties, we tend to eliminate everything that may compromise us. We do this with the elements that are in sight, whether we are talking about a text document, a photo, or a video . But of course, on many occasions we do not take into account the same delicate but hidden information, as sometimes happens with the mentioned metadata.

Fortunately this is something that we can correct in several ways, one of them from Windows 10 itself, as we are going to show you. In this way, the first thing we should do is locate the video file that we will share with others on the hard disk. Then we click with the right mouse button on it to access the context menu of Windows , where we click on the Properties option.


Thus, when clicking on the Details tab, it will be when the metadata to which we referred to will appear on the screen. These are created automatically when recording the video , which can reveal information that we do not want to share. At the bottom of this window, we see a link that says Remove properties and personal information . Next, a series of fields related to the hidden information to which we referred to will appear.

Therefore, after checking the option called Remove the following properties from this file, we will only have to mark the fields that we want to remove from the file . To finish we click on Accept so that the changes become effective.