Clear Cookies and Website Data Automatically When You Close Chrome

The current Internet browsers among which we can highlight the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox software , are the most used programs for many users today. Whether from the mobile or from the desktop PC, these applications are running almost all the time.

This intensive use is something that has increased over the years, and as Internet connections have gained in quality and speed . That is why the developers of these programs strive to offer as much as possible to their millions of users. However, despite its wide variety, if one has to be noted for its market penetration, that is certainly Chrome .

The search giant’s program has more than 50% of it, being the most widely used. This, as with most of the rest, are full of features, a number that does not stop growing. At the same time and in order to improve the user experience, they store a good amount of data . These refer both to information related to the users themselves, and to the websites they visit.

That way, for many that is a clear violation of their privacy, so they do not accept this automated storage. That is why most modern browsers come with features that allow us to erase stored data quite easily. This includes all types of browsing history , cached images, saved passwords or cookies .


Delete data saved by Chrome automatically on exit

And although the advantages of maintaining navigation data on the device are obvious in many cases, especially in terms of usability, there are people who don’t want it that way. Therefore, they prefer that all this data be automatically deleted every time they close the browser. Well, to say that in the beginning almost all browsers include options to eliminate this navigation data, which includes the alternative we are talking about here, Google Chrome .

For all these reasons, we will show you how to delete the saved cookies and the data of the websites, when closing the application. Thus, all those who do not want the software to maintain anything once they finish it, will have to follow these steps. Here we are going to show you what you need to do to achieve this, which we discuss in the Google proposal A priori in the Google browser it is not possible to automatically delete all browsing data when closing, but we can change that.


What we do in this specific case is to configure the software to eliminate cookies automatically every time we leave the application as such. Therefore, to achieve this, the first thing we will do is open the program and access its menu located in the upper right corner. We select the Configuration option to open the Advanced Configuration and place ourselves in Privacy and security. In the new window that appears in the right panel, click on Website settings.

In the new section that we will see, we opt for Cookies and site data, where we find the Clear cookies and website data selector when leaving Chrome. This is an option that is disabled by default, so we will not have to put it into operation.