Deactivate this in the devices that you put near the router and you will have better WiFi

If you are looking for solutions to make Wi-Fi work better , there is something that you can consider and it is easy to do. Do you have devices connected near the router? Perhaps a small change can make the wireless network start to work better, with greater speed and be able to end annoying cuts. We are going to explain what it consists of and when you will be able to carry it out for your connection.

Disconnect Bluetooth from devices near the router

Deactivate this in the devices that you put near the router

Maybe you have the router near the television, for example. You may have Bluetooth speakers or any other device that uses this technology. You should know that this can cause Wi-Fi interference. They work on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz and that can create problems when you connect to the Internet wirelessly.

What you can do is something as simple as disconnecting the Bluetooth of all those devices that you have near the router, as long as you do not need to use them. This will allow the router to free itself from possible interference and the Wi-Fi connection to start working better. Especially on certain occasions when we connect to the 2.4 GHz band is when we can find the most problems.

This also happens not only with Bluetooth, but also in case you have a microwave nearby for example. That type of appliance also works on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz and can also cause Wi-Fi to start working poorly, cut out or go slow.

What devices have Bluetooth? We can name many such as a printer, a mouse or keyboard, digital cameras, headphones, speakers, televisions, receivers… You can have any of these devices near the router without thinking that it will really affect it negatively. By simply turning off Bluetooth and connecting only when you need it, you can achieve an improvement.

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Router location is key

Once again it is shown that the location of the router is going to be key to having a good Internet connection . The example we have given of how Bluetooth can create interference can also be applied to nearby devices that can generate heat, walls that block the signal, metal plates, or electrical appliances that have water (such as a washing machine or refrigerator). All this will affect the wireless network.

The ideal is to place the router in an isolated area , away from other devices that may interfere and also from thick walls or furniture. In addition, it is a good idea for it to be in a central area of the house and from there to be able to distribute the connection correctly to the devices that you are going to connect. Avoid putting it in low areas, such as the bottom of a piece of furniture, since it is better if it is elevated.

If possible, put it in an area free of dust, humidity and where it does not receive direct sunlight (for example, do not put it next to a window). All these can negatively affect the Wi-Fi connection and it is better to avoid problems. So you can navigate with greater speed and stability.

In short, as you can see, simply turning off the Bluetooth of the devices that you have near the router can make the Wi-Fi work better. Although you can always use devices such as PLC Wi-Fi to improve the connection, whenever you can, it is convenient to optimize your own router wireless network.