All this you can do if you automate the lights at home

Home automation offers many advantages for the home. We can use very varied devices that will be very useful in our day to day. In this article we are going to explain how smart or automated lights help you. Let’s see what you can do with them. In many cases it is the first step we take when we decide to start automating our home in a simple and economical way.

What are the uses of smart lights?

All this you can do if you automate the lights at home

It is something you can do in any room in your home, in the hallway, at the front door, etc. Basically any light you have you can make it smart and thus have certain functions. They offer different advantages that can be very useful in your home and we can also find them increasingly cheaper and with better features.


The first thing is that you can use your home automation lights to improve home security . It is logical to think that if your house has all the lights off and also for several days in a row, it is more likely that a thief will break in to steal. They may be watching to see if people are home or if the house is empty.

By domotizing the lights you will be able to decide when to turn them on even if you are not at home. For example, if you are traveling for several weeks, you can turn on certain bulbs from time to time from your mobile to simulate that there is someone inside. This will make a hypothetical intruder believe that the house is inhabited even though there is really no one there.

Sync music

You will also be able to synchronize the music with the light . Many bulbs also have different shades of colors. You will be able to use among many different color options to best suit what you want. It is a possibility offered by smart bulbs for the home.

Not all of them have music synchronization, but it is certainly an interesting option that you will be able to have on some models. You can also create different environments to watch movies or series on television.

Save energy

Another advantage of having smart lights at home is that we will be able to save energy . At least we can achieve it as long as we use them correctly. We can decide when to turn them off and on, for example. Also adjust the brightness depending on the time of day, since it is not the same at 12 in the morning as it is at 8 in the afternoon.

Therefore, saving energy is another point that you should take into account if you plan to automate the lights in your home. You are not going to achieve miracles either, but in certain cases you will be able to spend less electricity.


Of course, one more advantage is gaining in comfort . You can turn bulbs on and off simply by using your voice or through motion sensors. For example, you can configure a home automation bulb to turn on when you open a door or when you enter a room to put things away, without having to press the button.

They are very useful in this regard and the range of options is very wide. You can make it very useful and find a way to get the most out of this type of device.

Create plans

One last use that you can give it is to create plans for domotized light bulbs. For example, that they turn on in certain areas of the house at a certain time or that they also turn off at a certain time. You may be interested in having the front door light on at certain times or the dining room light when you go to eat.

Simply through the mobile application you will be able to create plans for the domotized light bulbs. You will have many options available and you will be able to make the most of them.