The Dangers and Myths of Having Your Mobile’s Bluetooth Activated

The security and privacy around mobile phones is always in question, causing users to treat the connections made from the device with care and even fear. Among all the possibilities, fear and the dangers of Bluetooth are some of the most repeated, since on several occasions we have encountered attacks and vulnerabilities through this route.

However, we must also take into account the advances in technology, where in mobile phones it has occurred by leaps and bounds, causing it to have nothing to do with the first and latest Bluetooth technologies of mobile phones. An evolution that has come for the better in several aspects the Bluetooth security of the mobile in the connection of devices and the exchange of data.

Attacks through the mobile’s Bluetooth

There are many names and terms to address attacks and attempts to steal information through Bluetooth on mobile phones, some of the best known are: Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking and Bluebugging. All of them with the intention of accessing our smartphone for different purposes, although none of them are good.

The most serious thing that we could find those who try to get our data, such as those of credit cards. But there are also other attacks through Bluetooth that gain access to contacts to communicate with them through our mobile by sending SPAM and causing our bill to skyrocket.

A diminishing danger

It is true that these risks are becoming less and less, since as we have mentioned, Bluetooth has evolved because it is not so fragile. Currently it is necessary to confirm the link with other devices that want to communicate with the mobile and also when sending or receiving files. Those devices that are more strange will be identified as such and the mobile itself will ask us for a confirmation through a security code.

Can any user access our Bluetooth?

One of the questions that users ask the most is this, the one that may concern us because being in a public area, someone can access our mobile with just a Bluetooth request. Luckily this is currently not as simple for security reasons as we mentioned above, where a confirmation is required.

Bluetooth de Android P

But also, one of the advantages of the latest Bluetooth 5 versions is that Bluetooth is not always visible to other devices . It is necessary to make the mobile’s Bluetooth visible so that another device can find it or that it has been activated in the last seconds. In this way, it can only be seen by previously connected devices.

Is it better to have Bluetooth deactivated if we do not use it?

There is no doubt that the best way to protect ourselves from possible attacks is to have it deactivated, preventing any security breach from putting us in danger . But even so, trust in technology must always be put above fear, which, as we have seen, is no longer as fragile as years ago.

The Bluetooth connection is secure, but you have to be vigilant

In the same way that we must trust Bluetooth, we cannot lose sight of what happens around our mobile . Allowing access to a device by mistake could be a serious failure and for that reason you always have to be vigilant about what may happen. The slightest mistake could put our data at risk.