Customize Your Android with These Halloween Themes

In just one week it is Halloween, a party that is gaining more popularity and that stands out for being the season of fear, of monsters, ghosts and spirits. If you like this holiday, we recommend the best Halloween themes for your Android phone. To see the software of your phone according to this party.

With these themes you can customize your phone according to the most terrifying holiday of the year. For many of these themes you will need CM Launcher, so keep that in mind to install them, although you can do it from the app itself. These are the best Halloween themes for your Android phone.

Horror Halloween Theme

The first theme is Horror Halloween Theme. Terror is an ornate theme, but very suitable for the time. Eyes, scythes, brains, skulls, etc. And with pumpkins with an orange and dark style in turn. A very marked style with elements of terror and Halloween that will surely accompany your mobile perfectly.

Spooky Halloween

The following theme has a name that fits perfectly with what we are looking for:  SpookySpooky is an English word to define the terrifying. This theme changes the color palette with a bluish touch and more colorful icons. The icons have an aesthetic based on a cemetery. Very scary right?

Spooky Halloween
Spooky Halloween

Scary Night Halloween

Also, with icons based on a cemetery, but with a somewhat more uniform color and something more cartoonOf course, the background is more colorful and surer to convince those who want something colorful but without abandoning the theme of fear.

3D Halloween ghost

Fear and ghosts are something extremely related. So, 3D Halloween Ghost will allow you to fill your entire phone with ghosts. Well, ghosts and pumpkins, which is Halloween.

Content Halloween 2017

The years pass, and although in the title it puts 2017 and we are in 2019. With a purple touch and with a dark aspect you will put yourself in the role of Halloween.

Halloween party theme

Halloween is often associated with orange by pumpkins, Jack-o’-lantern. That is why this theme will make you all orange, so that you feel the colors of both autumn and the most terrifying time of the year.

Halloween night masquerade theme

And finally, also with a purple tone, but much more terrifying with a graveyard atmosphere with bats and the darkest icons.

These are our recommendations for Halloween themes for Android. Any you recommend? Which one did you like the most?