Cuphead: How to Download it for PS4, Xbox and PC

Being able to play Cuphead on Playstation 4 is one of the best news that any video game fan could receive, even if it is three years late compared to the original launch on Xbox and Windows PC. Because the title developed by Studio MDHR still feels just as fresh and there is still a lot to prove. It is not for nothing that you work on a DLC.

Cuphead, you have to play it

Cuphead: Download it for PS4, Xbox and PC On September 29, 2017, Cuphead was launched , a video game for Xbox and PC with an aesthetic inspired by the cartoons of the 30s that surprised everyone. Although after that first impact at the graphic level, what made many players hook and fall at his feet was his game proposal.

Cuphead is a video game where you basically have to run and shoot to reach the end of the level and face a final boss. It is a game inspired by the classics of the 80s and 90s (beat em up and shot em up), where the action is mixed with a two-dimensional side scrolling platform.

The game may seem simple at first, but it is not so much. In addition to some options such as the possibility of bouncing against enemies, the mechanics will certainly be maintained, but each final boss will challenge you differently and you will have to adapt to achieve your objective that is none other than victory to be able to advance and reach the end: the last challenge against the Devil.

To make it even more fun, the Studio MDHR game can be played individually or in cooperative mode. This second option is for many more fun if possible. In one way or another, in both of them they will have to play one of the two brothers, Cuphead or Mugman in order to overcome King Dice and recover the contracts that gave him the right to the souls of the inhabitants of Inkwell Isle.

Cuphead on Playstation 4


The announcement of the arrival of Cuphead on PS4 came a bit by surprise, but deep down it is not important. The important thing is that the game is already available on the PS Store and can be purchased at a price of 19.99 euros . So you just have to go to the store or click on this link to purchase it.

At the moment only the original game is available. The DLC that has been discussed on more than one occasion is not yet available for any platform. The Delicious Last Course , which will be what it will be called, is not ready. As those responsible for its development have commented, this is taking longer than expected and we will have to put patience to the matter until we finally see it available for download.

However, they hope to be able to give more information and in a more concrete way in the coming months. Something many are waiting for as impatiently as the series Netflix announced not too long ago that it was also creating based on the same game.

For now, what you should take into account is that this is a game that is very worth playing if you haven’t already. It is fun, its graphics break with the usual aesthetics and, in general, it is one of the titles that is enjoyed from start to finish. The only thing that you will have to have is patience, because some levels are going to cost you to overcome them. And yes, playing it in operating mode is possibly more enjoyable.

If by any chance, something that would greatly miss us, you are discovering Cuphead right now the game is available as we told you at the beginning also for PC and Xbox. So, it is always a good time to download Cupehad from the respective Microsoft stores or through Steam.