Crucial Introduces P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 and P3 PCIe 3.0 SSDs

Two new storage units in M.2 NVMe format have just been introduced by Crucial. On one side we have the Crucial P3 Plus Gen4 drive and, on the other hand, the Crucial P3 Gen 3 drive. The substantial difference between the two drives lies in the read and write speeds they can offer.

It should be noted that Crucial is the commercial division of storage units, RAM memories and other products based on Micron memory chips . If you don’t know Micron, tell you that it is one of the main manufacturers of memory chips. Other brands that sell SSD or RAM use chips from this company, and even some models of gaming graphics cards use their memories.

Crucial Introduces P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 and P3 PCIe 3.0 SSDs

Crucial Announces New P3 Plus Gen4 and P3 Gen3 SSDs

These new storage units are an upgrade over existing models. The P3 Plus drive will offer up to 5000MB/s sequential read speed and up to 4200MB/s sequential write speed . On the other hand, the P3 drive will offer a read speed of up to 3,500 MB/s and a write speed of up to 3,000 MB/s.

The new drives (both models) will arrive with up to 4TB of capacity. They are ideal storage solutions for both video game fans, professionals or those dedicated to photo and/or video editing.

The Crucial P3 Plus Gen4 drive offers us a data transfer speed of nine times faster than SATA SSD drives. Also, this drive is 43% faster than Gen3 SSDs.

This storage unit makes use of the new 176-layer Micron 3D NAND memories . These memories have been tested and validated to high industry standards. Thus, the P3 Plus unit is a high capacity and performance unit ideal for any type of load. Even this unit offers compatibility with motherboards based on PCIe 3.0.

On the other hand, the P3 Gen3 drive is based on the PCIe 3.0 interface and offers up to six times the speed of SATA SSDs and up to twenty times the speed of HDDs. It is an especially interesting solution for those who work from home or gamers on a tight budget.

Solutions for all kinds of needs

Crucial indicates that the P3 Plus and P3 units will hit the market later this summer. These units come to complement the offer of internal and external units offered by the brand. Currently, they offer the Crucial P5 Plus, X8, X6, MX500, and BX500 drives .

The new P3 Plus and P3 drives will arrive with Crucial Storage Executive management software. This solution allows you to optimize performance. Free cloning software is also included to ensure easy installation right out of the box.

Pricing for the Crucial P3 Plus and P3 drives hasn’t been confirmed, but looking at the specs, they should be relatively affordable. We must bear in mind that, above all, the P3 Plus, are in performance below other solutions on the market.