How to Create Themes for Huawei Phones with EMUI 10 and EMUI 9

The themes of our mobile are your personality in essence. All manufacturers include their own, while the community creates their own to expand the collections. Themes modify many visual aspects of the system such as the wallpaper , the icons with their shape or size or the control elements such as the volume bar. Today we are going to see how to create our own theme on demand on Huawei phones with EMUI.

Create Themes for Huawei Phones with EMUI 10 and EMUI 9

As we have said, generally we take the themes that the system offers us, either the predefined ones or those that we download later. But on few occasions we have the opportunity to create the songs completely to our liking, not at least in a way as simple as the one that we bring you next.

Creating our theme

Choose the EMUI version

Creating our themes is not an option that Huawei offers us natively. That is why we will have to download a tool that allows us to do so, such as “Peafowl Theme Maker for EMUI”, available for free on Google Play. Once downloaded, the first thing we will have to do is tell the theme creator which version of EMUI we are running. It is possible that it detects the default version, or that it comes in EMUI 10 as default, but we can choose between EMUI 10.X, EMUI 9.X or EMUI 8.X / 5.X

huawei crear temas

Select icons

Once done, we will have to go to the first tab, where you will find the customization of the icons. Once done, we will be able to choose between several icon packs, although there are some paid “premiums”. Once chosen, we can modify their size or shape below, as well as the level of curvature at the edges to make them more or less rounded.

Our favorite colors

The next step is to configure the interface colors. In the menu we will see colors based on the dark or light theme . We can choose between the predefined settings or touch on the “eyedropper” tool to choose the exact color desired.

crear temas en EMUI Huawei

Additional elements

Then we can choose extras and different fonts. At the top we can see some that will add special functions to the theme, such as modifying the volume bar, the background color for the dock, circular buttons in the phone app etc … At the bottom we can choose the type of letter, marking each one of them and seeing a preview of how it will be in our theme.

aplicar tema creado huawei

Save the theme and apply it

The last step is to name and save the theme. Then click on apply at the bottom. However, we will have to go to the application “themes” of our mobile to activate it. Once inside, click on “My themes” and the one we just created will appear. We will only have to apply it to see all the changes in the system.