Best Stylus Compatible with iPad Pro and of Quality

Best Stylus Compatible with iPad Pro

The capacitive stylus in Apple‘s iPad tablets have been a tremendous technological evolution, since it adds one more way to enter information in the device of the Cupertino company. Currently there are models that, without being official, offer a more than correct functioning that has a fairly affordable price. In this article we are going to show you what they must always comply with and several recommended purchase options.

Apple Pencil defined a whole new way of drawing and annotating: intuitive, precise, almost magical. Your ideas flow by themselves thanks to the pressure sensitivity and inclination of this type of pencil. Its stroke is immediate, its precision is millimeter and nothing happens to rest your hand on the screen. It allows you from writing text on the iPad screens to drawing on them, and always without jeopardizing the panel that exists on the Tablet. The case, and due to the good performance they offer since the tips are very small and, therefore, precise . In this way, they can be used with all kinds of applications with a more than remarkable solvency. The consequence of this is that it is possible to turn the Apple device into a regular notebook.

Uso de Pencil en un Apple iPad

The different models that we are going to present you, have a quite striking design. In all of them, more than correct ergonomics are sought when using it. For this, it is key that the weight is not excessive .

Key points when buying a stylus for the iPad Pro


It is essential that the compatibility offered by the digital pen includes the tablets created by the Cupertino company. Not all are, and therefore nothing should be purchased that does not expressly state that the accessory can be used with the aforementioned Apple products.


For a good user experience, the stylus must have sufficient autonomy. For operation with all possible options, energy is needed to transmit information, so this factor is key. You should at least get 12 hours of continuous use . In this way, they will not have to be constantly charged through a USB port.

Tip thickness

Another very important point to check that the thickness of the tips included is as low as possible. Starting at 2.0 millimeters is a good thickness, as they ensure very high precision when Apple iPad tablets recognize pressure points. Remember, that this element is interchangeable is totally recommended, since wear and tear can lose functionality and, therefore, this can be easily remedied.

Puntas de un stylus para los iPad


It is a vital section for the stylus to be handled with ease, it is recommended that it always lower than 100 grams . Otherwise, the feelings you have when drawing and writing are not the best possible. This is not a minor issue.

Other details to consider

That includes an information LED to, among other things, know the status of the battery or if the accessory is turned on and, therefore, if it is consuming battery. By the way, it is not a bad idea to include an automatic shutdown option if you are not using the stylus, it is a point that can be very positive in terms of its autonomy. Finally, that you have the best possible grip . This favors the best possible comfort when writing and drawing.

Various digital pens that are recommended for the iPad Pro

We leave a list with different options of good quality and full compatibility that can be used with the iPad Pro. All accessories can be purchased on Amazon and, therefore, if you have a Prime account you can use it.

Zspeed Stylus

This is a model that offers wide compatibility with the Cupertino company’s tablets and among the things that most attract the attention of this model is that its tip is only one millimeter, so the precision is excellent. By the way, the weight of this model is only 59 grams. Excellent detail.

Stylus para IPad Zspeed Stylus


With good precision and autonomy, since it reaches 20 hours without problems, this is a fairly complete and well-designed stylus. It stands out that the conductive material it uses is of high quality, so precision and wear is low. You will not have problems with iPads Pro.

DIGDAN Stykus stylus para iPad

Logitech crayon

Undoubtedly, the design offered by this model is the most striking, as it is different by including finishes in striking colors (such as orange). One of the most positive things about this accessory is that it perfectly withstands falls (even from more than one meter). Its weight of less than 20 grams is the best on the market.

Stylus Logitech Crayon


The black color that governs this device is differential, since not many offer this option. With an action button that is accessed with great comfort, autonomy is something that this device especially stands out in since the mark indicated by the manufacturer is 40 hours.

Stylus para iPad HAHAKEE Lápiz

Heiyo Stylus

Perfect for use with the iPad Pro, its connectivity is really good and precise … and not very demanding in consumption, since like the previous model it can be used for up to 40 hours with a single charge. The resistance of the tips is excellent, reaching 790,000 inches.

Heiyo Stylus stylus para iPad

CiSiRUN Touch Pen

The charging port that this model has is one of those that offers the best access of all those that we have indicated. The tip it has is 1.5 millimeters so it is quite accurate. If you wonder about the autonomy, it complies well since it reaches 20 hours. The weight, without problems since it is below 85 grams.

CiSiRUN Lápiz Táctil stylus para iPad

Osaloe Stylus

Compatibility is one of the great attractions offered by this model, along with a very clean design that perfectly fits the Apple iPad Pro. With an automatic shutdown option if it is not being used, autonomy reaches 20 hours, a brand that is Really good. Its tip is very precise, since it is only 1.2 millimeters.

Stylus Osaloe Stylus

Wacom CS-610CK

A model of excellent quality that does not lack good compatibility with the iPad Pro, which is what this list is about. With a weight of less than 20 grams, which makes its use comfortable, it uses Bluetooth technology so that everything is very efficient when writing or drawing. Recharging is done through the use of a USB port.

Stylus para iPad Wacom CS-610CK

TiMOVO Stylus

This is a simple stylus, but at the same time solvent since it includes everything that may be needed to make it a suitable accessory for the Apple tablet. Its metallic finish makes it possible to use the magnetic fastening of many covers, and the autonomy reaches twenty hours, so it perfectly fulfills its mission.

TiMOVO Stylus stylus para iPad

AWAVO Stylus

This is a model that only weighs 13 grams, making it one of the lightest that can be found. Wear time exceeds 12 hours, so it is not out of step with the competition. With great compatibility, the truth is that it is a model that is quite suitable when writing and drawing freehand.

Stylus AWAVO Stylus