Create memes in seconds with this Photoshop feature

Create memes in seconds with this Photoshop feature

One of the most popular sources of expression in recent years is memes. This explosion of comic images is increasingly common on the Internet, being especially used in messaging applications or social networks. With them, an original and funny way of transmitting something about an event or idea is sought. Given their versatility to tell something in a comical way, they have become tremendously popular. If we want to create our own memes quickly we can do it through this Photoshop function.

It is possible to think that making memes is a complicated task to which you have to dedicate a lot of time, but it does not have to be that way. For this, we can use Photohop Elements, a complete photo editing program which will allow us to carry out the process without complications and in a matter of seconds. The “younger brother” of Adobe Photoshop CC, it is characterized by being easier to use and having almost as many options as this one.

Guided edit mode to make memes step by step

When we talk about Photoshop Elements, many users think of a “decaffeinated” edition of Photoshop, a thought that could not be more uncertain. This application has many of the options of the largest Photoshop, but aimed at an audience that does not require such a level of detail. Among the features of Photoshop we find its Guided editing mode , essential to help us create our memes quickly.

Modo de edición Guiada en Photoshop Elements

The Guided editing mode is responsible for offering us an interface similar to that which a common wizard can perform at any time, with which to perform certain effects in a predefined way. Within the screen in this way, we find six categories grouped together. We just have to open a photo and click on the category thumbnail to start. Among them, we find the Meme Generator.

Use the Photoshop Elements Meme Generator

And it is that creating our memes has never been so simple as with this function that incorporates Photoshop Elements. For this, we will have the help of its Guided editing mode, where we find different categories. Among them, we are interested in the “Funny Editions”, where we will find the “Meme Generator” function , which will be in charge of turning our photos into funny memes that we can use on our social networks. It will only be necessary to previously select a photo and click on the thumbnail of the function. Later, on the right side, a column will appear with all the steps we must do to obtain our meme. It will only be five steps, so obtaining our creation will be a matter of seconds.

Generador de memes de Phosohop Elements

Everything is well explained, starting with creating a meme template with which to start working. Later with the Tools button we will be able to modify the upper and lower text. Next, we must change the size of the photo to highlight the main subject. And optionally, we can select a new border and even select an effect to enhance our photo. Once finished, we can only save it and share it with our friends. As we have seen, with Photoshop Elements we can create countless memes without even having prior knowledge.