How to create audio files with white noise in Windows

Music lovers generally use the computer to enjoy music at any time, be it at leisure, to work more comfortably or to relax. Precisely to help us sleep or relax, so-called white noise is used, which is responsible for masking other noises that can cause us nervousness or keep us awake. To create audio with white noise we can use some software.

Many users may not be aware of the benefits of white noise, a constant sound that helps many people reduce stress and relax and that we can create ourselves using the right tools.

create audio files with white noise in Windows

What is white noise and what is it for?

We are talking about a noise formed by a random signal that contains all the frequencies and these are of the same power, establishing their signal values at two different times that do not keep statistical correlation. As a consequence, its power spectral density is constant and therefore its graph is flat. This means that it is a monotonous and constant sound that masks the rest of the ambient noises, so it is very easy to get used to them because they have the same power and loudness.

Examples of white noise can be found in the sound of the sea breaking, raindrops, a television turned on with the volume low, etc. Many people love white noise as it usually helps them relax or concentrate . It can also help us to block all other sounds that occur in the environment and even help them sleep, due to its ability to mask other sounds. Beyond being a placebo effect, the efficacy of white noise to relax us and even promote the degree of attention is corroborated by hearing experts.

If we are interested in listening to white noise, it is possible to use our Windows computer, which together with some specialized software that will allow us to generate and save sound files that contain white noise.

How to generate white noise in MP3s

There are different softwares that are responsible for using the sound card of our PC to produce white noises or other types of audio signals. Also, while generating white noise, we can customize the sample rate (Hz), sound level (dB), channels, duration, volume, etc. For this, we can use the following programs.


It is possibly the most popular free audio editor , with a rich set of features and tools included that can meet the needs of any user. With it it will be possible to record audio through a microphone or a mixer, record the playback that is playing through the PC speakers, convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs, and add white noise to an audio file, among other functions. .

To begin, we must download it from its website and install it. Then we execute it and click on the “File” tab and then on “Open”. From here we can import any audio file to which we want to add white noise, being compatible with MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC among other audio formats. Once we have added the audio file, we go to the “Tracks” tab and click on “Add new” and select the type of track (mono or stereo) that we want to add.

Audacity agregar pista de audio

Later we must click on the “Generate” tab and select the “Noise” option.

Audacity generar ruido

This will make a window appear where we must select the type of noise. In this case we will select “White” and later we will customize the amplitude and duration of the noise. From here we can also preview the white noise and to confirm we click on the Ok button.

Audacity ruido blanco

Now we only have to save the audio file with the white noise that we have added. To do this, click on the File menu and click on the Export option and select the audio format in which we want to save the file. We can choose between MIDI, MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AC3, etc.

Audacity exportar ruido


We are facing another free audio editor with which it will be possible to add white, pink or brownian noise to any audio file. To begin, it will be necessary for us to download it from this link and install it on our computer. Later we execute it. Although the software is entirely in English, the steps to follow are equally intuitive and easy to perform.

Once in the program interface, click on the File and Open tab to select the audio file on which we want to add the white noise. Later we click on the Tools tab and select the Noise Generator option.

Audiodope generar tono

In the next window we must configure white noise as the type of noise, as well as customize the amplitude and duration of the noise. Once finished, click on Ok.

Audiodope ruido blanco

Once finished, we only have to save the new file generated with white noise. To do this, click on the File menu and click on the Save as option to save the file in a compatible audio format, to choose between MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA, among others. .

Audiodope guardar como

Naturpic Audio Editor

Another free software that will allow us to add white noise to any audio file is Naturpic Audio Editor. As its name suggests, this is an audio editor that will allow us to add both white and Gaussian noise to our audio files. Along with this, it has other interesting options such as adding audio effects, changing the time, changing the tone, among other functions. To begin, we must download it from here and install it.

Once we execute it, from its interface we must add the desired file. To do this, click on File and Open to select the audio file to which we are going to add the white noise. Next, click on the Effect tab and select the Add Noise option.

Naturpic Audio Editor añadir ruido

In the new window, in the Noise type section, we choose White and adjust its amplitude. Once finished press Ok. Later we can play the sound to preview the audio file.

Naturpic Audio Editor ruido blanco

To finish, we must save the new audio file. To do this, click on the File tab and select Save As or Save Selection As and we can export the edited music file to formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, MP2, etc.

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