How to Create an Apple Account for Kids: Apple ID for Kids

Having an iPhone at a young age is always a pretty delicate matter. That is why Apple has a series of accounts available that are focused on young children. In this way you can have an exhaustive control of the uses made of them. In this article we tell you how you can create an Apple account for children.

What differences exist in an account for children

Keep in mind that the safety of minors online must always be a real priority. Avoiding downloading content that can be dangerous or sending certain information is vital on a day-to-day basis to avoid all the problems that it can cause. The operation is basically based on introducing the account of the minor in the family with the rest of the members. Through this system you can have absolute control of all purchases and even impose different limits on communication. It is important to note that this restriction can only be imposed on those under 13 years of age since in these cases Apple does not allow you to create an ID account that is totally independent. It is something that is collected in their terms of use.

Apple ID for Kids

The only way to go is this that we are discussing. Create an account in the name of the children by the parents or even include it in the family group if the account is already created.

In short, the main differences between accounts for adults and for minors is the control that parents can carry out over all parameters to always guarantee the safety of the minor.

Create Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

The most common when creating a new Apple ID is to do it on the iPhone itself. This operation must always be carried out on the device that corresponds to the legal guardian who is going to be responsible for all the actions that the minor will do with the linked device. Specifically, the steps that you must follow are the following:

  • Enter the Settings and click at the top of your photo.
  • Scroll to the ‘Family’ section and here click on ‘Add member.
  • You will see the option to create the account for a minor on which you must click.
  • Enter the date of birth, which you must check since you will not be able to modify it later.
  • Enter the payment method you want to use.
  • Complete the personal information of the minor such as the name as well as the email of the Apple ID that will be used.
  • Fill in all the data regarding security such as the password as well as the security questions.

Crear Apple ID niños

Among these options that can be configured, it is important to be able to activate the one that says ‘Request the purchase’. In this way, all the purchases that you want to make with this ID must go through your hands to receive approval and for the amount to be charged to your payment method that you have associated.

Set up new account for kids on Mac

In the event that you want to create the creation in a more comfortable way on your Mac, it is also possible. The process is very similar to the previous one since it is based a lot on the management of the family that you have formed. Specifically, the steps you must follow are the following:

  • Enter the System Preferences.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Family Sharing’ section and then click ‘Add family members’.
  • Among the options that appear, select ‘Create an Apple ID for a minor who does not have an account’.
  • Enter the date of his birthday.
  • Set up personal information such as the child’s name as well as the Apple ID.
  • Enter the information of the payment system you are going to use.
  • After configuring the account’s security preferences, it can be used on any device.

Manage the purchases of the little ones

As we have mentioned previously, the smallest of the house will have the function of requesting the purchase enabled. In this way you can always be clear about what you are buying. This is something important since the payment method that will be used is yours. Beyond controlling expenses, this will also help you to closely monitor all the applications that are downloaded. It must be taken into account that when imposing a specific age when creating the Apple ID, downloading of those applications that are not for the age that is being required is also avoided.


Remove the minor from the family group

If you want to eliminate your children from the family group, you will find some problems that it is important that you always keep in mind. Until they are 13 years old, or 14 in Spain, the minor must always be part of a family group. Otherwise they would be violating the internal policies that Apple has. From this age on, this account can be considered that of an adult and even transfer it to another family group as long as the two administrators agree to do this process. It is for this reason that from 16 years of age in all countries they can be eliminated at least following the same process as in the rest of the members.

Possible failures in the registration process

During the registration process that you will be carrying out, you should bear in mind that many points may fail. The first thing is the date of birth of the minor about which you must be very careful. It is possible that you get confused in the year and it does not allow you to make the configuration since there is a maximum age established. Added to this are also the possible problems that may arise so that the information is stored on the servers so that they can be used later to log in to other computers.