How to create a new YouTube channel: register and upload videos

We can create a YouTube channel if we want to start uploading videos of any type of content that you make and that you want to share with others. Whether you want to be a youtuber or if you simply want to upload videos of your music school, your cooking recipes, your video game games, your analysis of movies and series… Either way, we explain how to create a YouTube channel step by step step by step, from scratch, to upload the videos you want.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will need a YouTube account and that there are some requirements that we must meet, but we will explain how to do it.

How to create a new YouTube channel

Requirements to open a YouTube channel

What do we need? Is it necessary to pay? The first thing that we must take into account if we are going to open a YouTube channel is what are the requirements that we have to meet or what Google asks us to do it. Fortunately, they are few. The only thing we have to do is have a YouTube account that we can have with our own Google account. Once you have it, you can follow the tutorial.

You should keep in mind that having a YouTube channel is free. You do not need to pay anything to be part of the platform nor do you need to have a certain number of admirers or fans or subscribers to let you upload the first video, you just have to have a Google or YouTube account and follow a few very simple steps.

Create an account on YouTube

The first thing we have to do is create an account on YouTube but you may have noticed that if you open the web your account appears without having created one, on many occasions. Why? The Google account is used to access a YouTube account and with our Gmail email and password we can access a profile on the video platform from where we can manage our subscriptions, choose our favorite videos, activate notifications… But if you don’t have a Google account, we must first create it following a few simple steps.

  • Let’s go to the website
  • Go to the top right corner and tap on “Sign in”
  • The option to enter email or phone will appear
  • Since you don’t have one or the other, go to the bottom and tap on “Create accounts”
  • Choose between three options: For me, for my child, to manage my company

iniciar sesion Google

  • Choose the first one if you want to create a personal account: For me
  • Fill in the data to create the Google account: name, surname, email, password and password confirmation
  • Confirm with “next”
  • Follow the steps until you create the account

Crear cuenta de Google

Once we have created the account, we can use it to manage subscriptions, favourites, to follow content creators… But also to create a YouTube channel where we are going to upload all the videos we want.

Create a channel on YouTube

Having a YouTube account does not imply creating a channel. The above allows us to use the video platform as viewers , subscribing or organizing the content we want to follow. But if we want to be the ones who create content, we must open the YouTube channel from the website itself.

Getting started: Create the channel

Once you have already created an account, we go to the YouTube website. Tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen and a drop-down menu will open that allows us many options: access settings, change the language of the page, access compasses and subscriptions , see your data… But the first One of the options that we will see, as you can see in the screenshot below, is “Create a channel”. Click on it to start.

Canal YouTube

The first thing we have to choose is an avatar or image and a profile picture. If the one we have in the Google account seems good to us, we will only have to touch “create channel”. If it doesn’t seem right to us, we tap on “upload image” and choose another. This will be how the rest of the users who want to see your YouTube channel will see you. When you have it, confirm with the blue button you see in the screenshot below.

Crear canal de YouTube

Customize the YouTube channel

When we have done it, we will be inside our YouTube channel profile. At the top we have a series of tabs and sections : home, videos, lists, channels, information… and two blue buttons: customize channel and manage videos.

canal youtube

Our recommendation is that you personalize the channel before you upload any video, so that your profile reflects everything they need to know about you. We can add all the necessary information from YouTube Studio, we just have to tap on the corresponding button to start. Here, we will see a series of options such as design, brand or basic information.


If you tap on “ Brand ” we can change the profile image, the banner image of your YouTube channel and add a watermark for your videos that will appear in the lower right corner of the player so that no one can steal them. In each section we see a series of specifications of pixels, megabytes or image format that must be met if we want it to work correctly.

Personalizacion canal

Once the photos are added, we go to “basic information” where we can add a description about us, about what we are going to do, about what we want to show. We can change the name of the channel and the description but we can also tap on “+” to add the languages that you are going to use, for example. Or we can modify the URL of the channel if we want it to be personalized and not with the ID that comes by default when we do it on YouTube. We can also add links to websites that we want to share (such as your profiles on Instagram, Twitter…) or we can add contact information that we believe is relevant.

Informacion del canal

Upload a video

When we have already created the channel and personalized the information, we will only have to upload videos. We can do it from the main screen of the channel or from YouTube : we go to the upper right corner and tap on “your channel”. Here you will see that there is a blue button in the center of the screen that says “Upload video”.

You tap on this button and it will take us to YouTube Studio where we can select video files that we want to upload. We can upload videos in many different formats: MOV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLW and many more. If we do not have the video in any of the compatible formats, which we can see from the YouTube help website, we can convert it with a specific program. Once we meet the characteristics, we select the file and upload.

subir video en YouTube

When we have uploaded it, we will have to fill in a series of aspects: video title and description, thumbnail of the video that we want to appear on the main page… And if it is a video created for children or not, in addition to the age restriction that we can fix if we think it is not suitable for the little ones. And we can choose whether or not we want to upload it to a playlist.

Detalles del video

We will have to wait for the process to complete and tap on “ next ” where we can add all kinds of subtitles that are necessary, we can add end screens to promote related content at the end of it… or we can add cards that take us to other related videos during the reproduction. When you have it, click on “Next”.

Elementos del video

Finally, YouTube will check if the video has problems that may restrict its visibility or not. Will do a copyright review. If you don’t have it, you can go ahead and we will only have to choose how we publish it: private, hidden or public. Private can only be seen by the users you choose and hidden can be seen by people with the link to it. We can also program when you want it to appear on your channel if you follow a specific schedule, for example.

Guardar video YouTube

When we have finished, we will only have to touch “save” and we will have the first video uploaded and a YouTube channel created correctly.

channel statistics

When we have already uploaded videos, we will be able to see the statistics of the YouTube channel to know whether or not we are being successful or what our most viewed or popular videos of the last days or hours are. From the statistics we can access a series of sections: overview, coverage, interaction, audience and research. When you have uploaded videos you will see that we can see the viewing time per day, the views or the subscribers achieved.

Estadisticas del canal

We can see real-time statistics if we have videos that are working correctly or we can go to the “ coverage ” section where we can see the types of traffic sources for the period you are interested in or where people are coming from: from playlists, from sources external, YouTube searches, suggested videos…

Cobertura video YouTube

We can also see the views: viewing time per hour, average duration of views, top videos by end screen, top videos of the channel on YouTube during the specific period of time, top lists, etc.

audiencia del canal de YouTube