COVID Digital Certificate: How to Get a Passport to Travel

Today the Digital COVID Certificate program has started in the European Union . The health authority of each country will be in charge of issuing these certificates. In Spain, when the autonomous communities are in charge of health, they will be the ones in charge of issuing the certificates , and as of today there are some that are already issuing them for those who have the complete vaccination schedule.

Each autonomous community will be launching it at different rates, but every day more Spanish citizens will be able to have the COVID certificate that allows them to travel more easily and comfortably to other countries of the European Union. In order to download it, you have to meet a series of requirements and follow some steps.

COVID Digital Certificate

How to download the Certificate in each Spanish community

The first thing we need to receive the certificate is to meet one of the three conditions necessary to receive it. Among them is having received the complete schedule of the vaccine , having carried out a CRP with a negative result 72 hours before ( 48 hours for antigen testing ), or having passed the disease . In the latter case, the reason may no longer be valid after 180 days after the disease has passed because the antibody load may be very low. In the case of the vaccine, the certificate is valid 365 days after having been vaccinated, which is the period of immunity that seems to be, at least, guaranteed after having been immunized.

If we meet one of the requirements, we can access the health portal of our community through the web or the corresponding application that we use to make an appointment in health. The websites from which we can download the certificate in each autonomous community are the following, where it is necessary to access with the digital certificate, DNIe or another method depending on the autonomous community. Some do not yet have it available, but will be activating it soon, in addition to issuing a code when the vaccine schedule is completed:

Once we enter, we go to the corresponding section from which we will download the QR code with a digital signature that protects it against forgery. The communities are the issuing bodies of these certificates, each having a digital signature key.

There may be some more restrictions when traveling

Having this certificate will not be a guarantee that we can go without a mask, but simply seeks to speed up mobility between member countries of the European Union for people who are immunized or who at least do not have an active infection that they can transmit.

Nor is it guaranteed that we are not going to be infected with the disease, since we can come into contact with other variants in other countries, in addition to the fact that the countries we go to may impose public health measures and restrictions, such as having to pass a mandatory quarantine . Therefore, it is important to consult this information before traveling, although in principle having the COVID Digital Certificate requires that there be no restrictions on mobility, which could only be required in extreme cases if there is a rebound in the pandemic.

Each person’s certificate includes necessary key information such as name, date of birth, date of issue, pertinent vaccine / test / recovery information, and a unique identifier. The data remains in the certificate, and is not stored or preserved when verified in another member state.

The certificate can be reached on mobile or printed on paper . The important thing is that the generated QR code can be clearly read at the various controls where it has to be taught, such as at airports or when entering a concert. The information is available in both Spanish and English so that there are no problems when it comes to understanding its content.