Covers to Protect the Apple Watch: Best Models and How to Choose

Covers to Protect the Apple Watch: Best Models

If you have one of the apple company’s smart watches in your possession, surely at some point you have had a scare when the smartwatch has hit or brushed against something. Actions as simple as putting your hand in a drawer, going closer to the bill next to a wall or doing some sport can give us the day if we scratch it or, in the worst case, we break the screen of our watch . For that reason, if you want to avoid bad surprises, we recommend that you take a look at the selection of protective covers for the Apple Watch that we bring you in this article.

Protection for Apple Watch, what should you keep in mind?

It is true that the experience of seeing our smartwatch “naked”, with the elaborate aesthetics that the manufacturer has endowed it with, is not the same as if we put a protective cover on it. But of course, paying 300 euros or much more money in one of these devices so that later it ends up marked for life is not a dish of good taste. For that reason we recommend that, at least, when you want to carry out tasks in which this equipment is in danger, you put a casing on it.

But of course, what should you take into account before getting one of these covers for the Apple Watch? Here are two key aspects:

  • Size of the watch case : this is the fundamental characteristic that you should take into account before getting one of these accessories. Depending on the model of the Apple smartwatch that you own, it will have some dimensions or others that you will need to know to choose the appropriate case. Up to the third-generation Apple Watch there were the 38mm and 42mm models (width of the strap hook which, of course, affects the dimensions of the case). However, from series 4 onwards, the dimensions changed to 40mm and 44mm . Take a good look before getting a protective case in which dimensions the manufacturer specifies that its accessory is compatible.
  • Case design : this depends as much on your tastes as on which parts of the watch will be protected or how safe they will be. There are super thin covers that attach to the front of the smartwatch and protect it only from scratches. Other models are more rugged (thicker) and have a certain degree of assurance against blows but, in cases of this type, we can find models that cover the screen and others that do not. There are even models of protective shells that, in addition to being a cover, include their own strap to make the design more homogeneous.

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Having said all the above, it is time to review the most interesting models of protective cases for the Apple Watch. We are going to organize them by different categories to make it easier for you to locate each one according to your needs and tastes.

Protective cover (without front)

The first type that we want to talk to you about are those cases that protect our Apple smartwatch by its edges, that is, they do not include anything on the screen so it is exposed. The benefit of this type of accessories is that, on the one hand, they protect the smartwatch from bumps and scratches and, on the other hand, they let us have the same tactile experience as if it were not wearing a case. Of course, most of these cases change the aesthetics of the watch considerably.

If you want a simple option, one of the best alternatives is the cover from Spidgen , one of the most recognized companies when it comes to equipment protection. This model can be purchased in a large number of colors to adapt to the taste of any user. Of course, keep in mind that this is only available for Apple Watch series 4 onwards.

But of course, if what you have is one of the older models of the Apple Watch and you want one of these protective covers. You can always opt for one of these packs that arrive with 3 units and whose manufacturer offers models for all sizes of Apple smart watches.

Protective housing (with front)

On the other hand we have the protection covers that cover the entire body of the watch. These can be thinner or thicker as we explained before, so it will depend on the taste of each one or the needs you have. Some interesting models that you should consider are the following:

Protective case / bracelet

As we mentioned a few lines ago, there are protective cases that, to maintain aesthetics, include their own bracelet. Therefore, we will have in “all in one” to keep our Apple watch safe. Here are some of the best models you can buy:

Screen protectors for Apple Watch

Finally, as a little extra, if you don’t want to put a protective cover on your watch but want to experience something calmer, you can always opt for a screen protector. Mind you, this will not keep it safe from scratches or side bumps.