Cookie Quick Manager: Extension to Control Cookies

cookiesOne of the factors that matters most to users when surfing the Internet is privacy. Keep in mind that it is not always present and that our data could be compromised. To avoid this we can also make use of a large number of tools that help us. Today we are going to talk about Cookie Quick Manager . It is an extension that allows us to search, delete or protect specific cookies on a website. One way, in short, to have more control.

Cookie Quick Manager, the extension to control cookies

We are facing an extension for Firefox, one of the most popular browsers, which can help users improve privacy. Cookie Quick Manager is an ideal alternative to other similar extensions that we have available to preserve privacy. Its objective is to give us the opportunity to manage and have control over cookies when browsing .

Using Cookie Quick Manager is simple. The first thing to do is add the extension to the Mozilla Firefox browser. For this we go to the official website. As we always say, it is advisable to install this type of add-ons from reliable and secure sites. It is a totally free extension.

Once we have it installed, an icon will appear in the browser bar. This way we can start using it. Clicking on the icon shows a series of options. We can manage all cookies or delete different types of cookies, for example. This way we can easily delete cookies.

Cookie Quick Manager

If we manage to manage all cookies we will open a window with all the information. There we will see all the cookies that are present on that specific site. We can obtain data about the domain of a specific cookie , for example. We can also delete them individually and get more information.

It also has a list where we can add a series of cookies or sites we do not want. In this way we will avoid cookies from certain pages that we do not want to be present. One more way to preserve privacy.

It also allows us to save a specific cookie from one container to another. That can be useful if we are logged in to an account and want to store that cookie in a different container.

It should also be noted that you have a section of options that we can access. There we can configure different sections such as cookies to be automatically deleted when we restart the browser. Also create a backup of the data, transfer it to another computer, etc.

The importance of maintaining privacy on the network

Keep in mind that it is very important today to maintain privacy on the network . Our data has great value on the Internet and there are many marketing companies that can find a way to get that information. This way they could include us in spam lists, targeted advertising or even sell our data to third parties.

The methods they use are varied to achieve all this data. However, we can also count on security tools that help us keep our privacy safe on the web.

An example of this is Cookie Quick Manager, the free extension for Mozilla Firefox that we have mentioned. It allows us to have control over cookies and thus prevent third parties from accessing our data when browsing the Internet. However it is a tool of the many that we can use.

It is important that we keep in mind that our data may be in danger regardless of the type of operating system or platform we are using. Therefore we must apply certain precautions in all cases. Only in this way can we really preserve our personal data and information so that they cannot seep into the network and compromise our privacy.