How to Convert Image to Editable Text?

Have you ever heard about the image to text converter? If no, then today you are in luck as you will get the complete information about the tools that you can use online for the purpose of an image to text conversion. Now, why do you need the image to text converter? There comes the point in your life where you come across images and PDFs or any other media having the most important textual content or more importantly, a message saved in the picture itself.

Sometimes you can't even read the text with the help of the human eye, and you end up searching for phrases and words describing the picture so that you can get an online version of its which can show you a more detailed and thorough version of the picture itself, but all of this procedure is a time taking process and you can simply just not find details about the text in maximum cases.

You won’t be able to find the image itself on the web because of different reasons that include lack of keyword description and more than that millions of related search results. Now to speed up the process and to make this accurate the web experts introduced a new tool which is capable of converting your image into text and this tool is called as the OCR online or the image to text online converter!

How Can You Use the Converter?

Now the question is how can you use the image to text converter online to convert different images into textual data. The image converter uses an optical character recognition feature which enhances its accuracy to detect and small phrases of text in an image that can be extracted. If you are hearing about this for the first time, then you can read about some tools that work as online OCR converters which are easy to use and are very efficient!

  • The small SEO Tool’s converter!
  • I2 OCR

The Small seo tool’ converter!

The converter by the small SEO tools is one of the most interesting tools you can use for the purpose of the Ocr Online or image to text conversion. It is a web-based PDF program that offers the management of different tools related to PDF. It also has a built-in function for the image to text conversion.

You can easily convert images that are in the form of jpg, png, and PDF. You can simply use this tool to convert images into text by opening the text on photo converter feature. you just have to select the file from your gallery which you want to convert and upload it in the tool, and the tool will upload it and convert it in a few seconds.

This tool has a highly friendly interface, and we would recommend you to use it when you want to convert an image. If you have a screenshot of an article, you can also convert it into written text by using this tool.

The I2 OCR!

The i2 OCR is one of the most amazing tools you can find on the internet for converting images to text. Not only it is capable of converting the image into the English language, but it is also capable of converting images into 50 plus other languages for users who are native to other languages.

You can just simply upload the file after selecting it from the gallery, and you can select the language that you want to select for conversion. After hitting convert, you will get the results in less than a few seconds and you will get the complete text conversion of the image. Other features of the tool are being free and allowing editing of Google docs.

OCR Space!

This is the third and also one of the best tools for OCR online conversion. This is also a tool that can be run on the web and is also capable of supporting 20 plus languages.

The best part about this tool is that you can also upload image URLs for the conversion of online images for text. You can even download the resulted text conversion in your system to use it in your own document.

You can make an image to text conversions very easily with the help of these tools!