The best controllers to play on PC as if it were a console

Playing on PC usually involves using the keyboard and mouse, and although in many games (especially FPS and MMO) it is really ideal and in which PC users have an advantage over console, there are many games that are enjoyed much more with command (simulators, fight, RPG …). So, then we are going to recommend those that for us are the best PC controllers in the market , to be able to fully enjoy this type of games.

Microsoft Xbox One Elite Wireless Series 2

We begin this list of the best PC controllers with which, for us, it is without dispute the best by far . Microsoft already showed off with the first version of this Elite Controller, but now it has improved it even more with the second version, with a more pleasant grip, integrated battery and charging dock , and greater customization capabilities, including of course the additional sticks and triggers.

It is also a controller that integrates perfectly with Windows 10 and even has an integrated application that will allow us to configure everything to our liking. The best command, but also the most expensive of all, eye.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

This is now the best PC controller that SteelSeries can provide us with, and it also has the power to be compatible with Android and Virtual Reality systems, as well as being fully compatible with Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2

NACON Revolution Pro Controller 2 - Software PC

Nacon is a brand that has gained a lot of strength in recent times, especially for its console controllers. In the case of the Revolution Pro Controller 2 it is also compatible with PC, and it provides us with a high configuration capacity that will help us improve our gaming performance.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

When we talk about the best controllers on the PC market, a manufacturer like Razer cannot be missing, and its Wolverine Ultimate is undoubtedly one of the best options there is. It is highly customizable, and has sticks and interchangeable D-Pad with magnetic grip, just like the Xbox Elite.

GameSir G4s

This is a brand that is not too well known, but that if you look a little, it is found in all the best controller lists. It is compatible with PC, Mac, consoles and Android, and also has a support to place a smartphone in case we want to use it to play with it.

KROM Kaiser


Nor can the manufacturer KROM be missing from the list, which has greatly improved the quality since its inception and the Kaiser is one of the controllers that can not be missing in a list like this. It has, really, nothing especially remarkable in terms of configuration, but it is a very reliable and quality controller that will provide us with everything we need to play on PC.

Microsoft Xbox One Gamepad (plus wireless adapter)


Nor can one of the best controllers for PC par excellence, the Xbox One Controller from Microsoft. It is a basic version of the Elite, the one that comes with the consoles of the brand, and now also has a very good offer that includes its wireless adapter to be able to use it on PC without cables.

Sony Dualshock 4 V2


Similarly, Sony’s DualShock 4 V2 cannot be missing either. It is the controller of your PS4 console with everything that entails, with great comfort and versatility. To play on PC we will need cable or purchase the wireless adapter separately, but below we leave a compatible one that is much cheaper.

Accessory: TP-Link UB400

We ended up with this Bluetooth receiver that claims to be fully compatible with wireless controllers, including the Xbox and the PS4, to be able to use them wirelessly on PC.