How to Convert and Open Apple Pages Documents in Word

Many of the users need a word processor throughout the day, more since these specific programs have advanced so much these years. Here, in this software sector, we have a huge number of proposals of this type, more or less complex, paid or free. Thus, we find solutions such as Word from Microsoft, Pages for Apple teams, or the simple WordPad that includes Windows itself to start.

In addition to representing this same sector of software, we cannot ignore office suites powered by LibreOffice , or simple applications such as Notepad. Despite their greater or less complexity, they all share something, and that is that they facilitate the use of texts. Of course, depending on the type of use or environment where we are going to use these programs, we will need one proposal or another.

Convert and Open Apple Pages Documents in Word

Word processors are always useful

That is why, as we tell you, a program of this nature that helps us deal with fragments of text will almost always help us. It is logical to think that depending on the type of computer use, there are people who spend most of their time in front of Word, while others limit themselves to taking notes with the WordPad. But with everything and with it and once we know the importance of all this, there are certain solutions that are more representative than others.

This is a software sector that at this point could be said to be commanded by Microsoft’s Word , an alternative that has been with us for many years. Precisely for this reason, one of the main objectives of its most direct competitors is to be as compatible as possible with this tool. Thus, one of the sections that is most taken into account is that your projects can work, in one way or another, with the DOC and DOCX files of the aforementioned Word.

Interfaz Word

It must be taken into account that if a certain word processor does not have compatibility with the most used formats in the world, it will hardly be accepted. This is something that to a greater or lesser extent affects almost all applications of this type that we can get hold of now. That is why in these same lines we are going to show you how to convert a Pages file, a program for macOS and iOS devices, into a file that can be opened in Word.

Convert a document from Pages to Word

Although at first both platforms seem totally incompatible, in reality that is not entirely true. At this point it is worth mentioning that macOS users can currently opt to use Pages or Microsoft Word on their computers based on the apple signature system. But that is not all, but at the same time right now there is no problem in moving from one format to another. So we will not have compatibility problems if necessary.

In the event that you use the Pages program regularly, the solution to create a Word compatible document is quite simple. Thus, the first thing we do is access the program as such in a conventional way and we start working. Once we have finished with the document project, click on the File menu and select the Export to option.

Guardar Pages

Then, once the different export options appear, in this specific case we opted for Word, as it is logical to think. This will give us a window in which we can change the format or continue in Word and choose the name of the new file.

Convert documents to Word from iCloud

But of course, it can also be the case that at that time we do not have an Apple team, or we simply have access to the Pages application. Well, here we have another very interesting solution. And it is that to convert a document created in Pages compatible with Microsoft Word, we can make use of Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud .


Of course, for this you will need to have an iCloud account in order to access and use the Pages program from the cloud. For this, we only have to access this link to enter the platform’s website. Then it will request the corresponding access credentials, email and password. Once we have accessed our account in iCloud , we find the corresponding icon of the Pages application.

Icono Pages

From it we will have the possibility to create a new file or edit an already created one. At the same time, when creating a new text document from here, the program presents us with several templates that we can already make direct use of. Well, once we have the screen loaded before, or we have created a new one from this application, we can save it to make it compatible with Word.

To do this, we only have to click on the wrench-shaped icon that is located in the upper right, where we can choose the option to Download a copy. In the new window that appears, we will have the opportunity to opt for the Word option to save the document in question with that compatibility.

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