ControlID: New DNS Servers Filtering Malware

We can use different DNS servers on our computers. This will allow for better speed and even greater security in some cases. They are alternatives to those offered by the operator itself and there is a wide range of possibilities. In this article we echo the launch of ControlID , new DNS servers that allow filtering the entry of malware and better protect computers.

ControlID, one DNS servers to improve security

We already know that network security is a very important factor. There are many attacks that we can suffer, the threats that are present. Luckily we can have multiple security programs that in one way or another can help to be more protected.

ControlID: New DNS Servers Filtering Malware

And yes, we can also improve security by changing DNS servers . Some are specifically designed to prevent us from accessing dangerous web pages and downloading malicious files. This is the case with ControlID. It is a service from the Windscribe VPN company.

Keep in mind that we can use both the free and paid option. The second is more personalized, while the first we have to adjust to how it is established. If we opt for the free version of ControlID we can opt for four pre-established DNS servers.

An important point is that ControlID does not keep any records of the IP addresses that access the service. This makes privacy always present. It is a factor highly valued by users and in this case there is no problem.

The payment option has more custom options. For example we can choose between 60 countries to use proxy servers, create custom block profiles or use the Smart DNS functionality, to use it on specific sites.

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Unfiltered and Malware Filtered DNS

We can use ControlID to filter malware entry. DNS is designed in this case to prevent us from accessing content that they recognize as insecure. It is an interesting option to avoid problems, although logically we can also have a certain limitation in terms of speed, since it performs a constant filter.

The unfiltered DNS is, while the filtered option for detecting malware is We therefore have alternatives in the ControlID DNS servers that we can use in our system to gain more security when browsing the Internet. We recently saw how to use NsLookUp to check DNS.

Safety is a very important factor that we must protect at all times. There are many threats on the network and we also have many tools available to achieve greater protection. Although there are problems that affect VPNs, they are also a solution to consider on many occasions to avoid attacks when using wireless networks.

But beyond that, using DNS servers that filter malware is a very interesting alternative, as is the case with ControlID. It can be a complement to the use of security tools such as an antivirus or firewall, as well as the need to keep equipment updated and avoid problems.