Control Windows Remotely: Best Remote Desktop Programs

Whether it is because we are at the house of an acquaintance, on vacation or teleworking, there is nothing better to feel at home than being able to connect to our own computer. That’s where we have all the programs, all the settings, and all our personal data, all stored in our own way. Simply having an Internet connection, from any computer, and even from any smartphone, we will be able to connect remotely to our PC and control the desktop remotely as if we were sitting in front of it. And the only thing we will need is to use a specific program for this task.

Controlling a Windows PC remotely today is a very simple task. Any user can do it, without having great knowledge, completely free of charge. You even have several programs to choose the one that best suits your needs or the one with which you feel most comfortable when controlling your computer over the Internet.

Control Windows Remotely: Best Remote Desktop Programs

Next, we leave you the best remote control programs , or remote desktop, that we can use in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Escritorio Remoto - Activar desde Configuración

Of course, the first on the list could not be other than Windows 10 Remote Desktop itself. Remote Desktop, or RDP, is the program that Microsoft offers in its operating system to connect remotely to any computer. Among its main features we can highlight how simple, easy and fast it is. We do not have to do anything more than activate it on the computer that we want to control, and then, from one of the many clients that exist, connect to our PC through its IP or a DDNS. The access data (username and password) are the same as the access data to our PC.

Its two main disadvantages are, firstly, that the session on the local computer is blocked while we control it, so we do not see what is being done remotely. And the second is that the RDP server is only available for Windows 10 Pro users, the Home edition cannot be controlled through this program (although it does allow us to connect to other computers as a client).

This software does not have to be downloaded or installed. If we have Windows 10 Pro we will have it ready. We will simply have to activate it from Settings> System> Remote Desktop so that it is ready to use.

TeamViewer, the most popular remote control program


TeamViewer is one of the best remote desktop programs for Windows for both home and professional use. This program stands out, above all, for being one of the easiest alternatives to use. We only have to download it from its website and run it on the computer to be able to connect to it. It does not require registration or any other configuration, we simply have to know the ID associated with our PC, and the password, to enter and start controlling it. In addition, it does not require installation, it can be opened portable.

This program is free for home use, although it has several limitations. The first of these is that some features are limited only to paying users. The second, that the paid versions, designed for companies and professionals, are extremely expensive. And, finally, if we have an old version of the program we will not be able to connect to it, it will force us to update. And this, although it may be good, becomes a drawback when we do not have the PC in front of us.

We can download TeamViewer from this link .

AnyDesk, the best free alternative to TeamViewer

AnyDesk - Review 1

This is another very complete and powerful alternative that we can use to access our PC remotely from anywhere. This program stands out for being very small (just over 3 MB) and for offering outstanding performance. AnyDesk works flawlessly on slow networks and very old computers. This program offers transfer rates of up to 60 FPS and shields our connections with military encryption to prevent anyone from intercepting them. It allows you to easily control all types of operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Android and iOS. Although it has a paid version, the free version is much less limited than the free version of TeamViewer.

Among its main drawbacks we can highlight, for example, the absence of tools that allow us to draw on the screen to clarify things (a blackboard, for example), and that the program can sometimes experience bugs that can be very annoying. Despite this, we are facing excellent software.

We can download AnyDesk from here .

Chrome Remote Desktop, everything you need within the browser

Escritorio Remoto Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user, the browser itself has its own remote control software that will allow us to connect to our computer from anywhere via the Internet. This tool is very simple and fast to use, since we only need to have the browser installed on the computer. However, this is not always an advantage, since, to be able to use it, Chrome must be running, even in the background, with the consumption of resources that this web browser has. In addition, everything is managed from our Google account, so, in the end, we are increasingly depending on a company with an ethic that, when it comes to privacy, leaves much to be desired.

In order to use Chrome Remote Desktop , we only need to download this extension from the Chrome Store.

Ammyy Admin, a very simple alternative for less powerful PCs

Ammyy Admin control remoto para ordenador

One of the main advantages of Ammyy Admin is that it has a zero-config policy, that is, it allows us to use the program as it is, without having to configure anything at all. For users who do not want to complicate, it is probably the easiest option they can find. This program does not require installation (it can be run portable) and offers a total of 15 free hours per month for personal use. Their payment models are also cheaper than those of the competition. Plus, it offers great customization.

As a drawback, it should be noted that this program sometimes shows too slow interactions, and its support leaves much to be desired.

We can download Ammyy Admin for free from their website .

NoMachine, the free option for everyone


The NoMachine developers want to offer users an experience as close to being sitting at the computer, even if we are hundreds of kilometers away from it. This program has a very clear and simple interface so that any user, even if they have never used this type of program before, can use it without problems. The speed and performance of the connections are other of its best characteristics, being able to control the PC remotely with great fluidity, to the point of being able to play in high quality without performance problems.

This program is completely free for all types of users, without limitations or ads. And of course, they don’t sell our data either. The company obtains income from the sale of its software to companies and, therefore, users can make personal use of the program without restrictions. In addition, it is compatible with all types of operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux and for ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

We can download NoMachine from this website .

Steam, for those looking to play streaming

Steam Remote Play

Steam is the most widely used PC gaming platform in the world. Millions of users connect to it daily to download and play their favorite titles. But, if we know how, Steam can be used for much more than just gaming. This software has a streaming function that allows us to play, for example, on the TV screen, or on another PC in the house, the games that are run on our computer. And, once connected to the PC remotely, from the Big Picture menu we can go to the desktop, being able to control the PC as if we were sitting in front of it.

It is not the best way to do it, but it is an alternative, totally free and with great performance, that can get us out of trouble.

We can download Steam from this link to its website .

Remote Utilities, remote desktop without subscriptions

Remote Utilities

While many of the remote control programs offer a subscription-based payment model for businesses, or for unrestricted use (paid every month), Remote Utilities offers users a different business model. In addition to having a free version, which can be used even in companies (with a maximum of 10 computers), the different paid versions of this program only require paying once, and the prices are also much cheaper than from the competition.

This program is available for Windows, but, for now, there is no version for Linux or macOS, so we will not be able to use it with these operating systems.

We can download Remote Utilities for free from the following link .

Aeroadmin, a TeamViewer, but simpler


Another similar program that will allow us to connect to remotely control our computer is Aeroadmin. This program is very simple and fast to use. Its interface will surely be familiar to us if we have ever used TeamViewer, since it is clearly inspired by it. This program is portable (no installation required) and totally free. Also, to use it we do not have to create an account or log in with credentials.

In addition to the free version (which is quite complete), it has different paid versions for professional users and companies. These versions work as a subscription, and are quite expensive.

We can download AeroAdmin from this link .

VNC Connect, RealVNC’s solution for remote desktop

VNC Connect

VNC is another of the most popular and widely used remote desktop solutions to control any PC remotely. Years ago, this was one of the best free solutions that we could use. It was enough to install VNC Server on one PC, and VNC Client on another to be able to connect without restrictions or limitations. Unfortunately, the company has changed, and now its platform has many restrictions, starting with the free mode, which now does not exist as such, but we have a “trial version” of 30 days, after which we will have to pay. The payment methods are subscription-type, and it offers us two types of editions depending on the needs of each user.

We can download VNC Connect from its website . To connect we will need a client. On the web we can find a wide variety of VNC clients, many of them free, open source and multiplatform.