Configure and Customize TeamSpeak: Complete guide

The Internet is becoming an increasingly important element for the vast majority of technology users. Whether for one type of use or another, we connect to carry out tasks of all kinds, even to interact with users from all over the world. For this we can use the most varied programs and platforms, such as TeamSpeak , which we will talk about below.

We must bear in mind that in addition to playing games, browsing news websites or downloading files, the Internet puts us in direct contact with the rest of the world. There are platforms and programs for all this that make things much easier for us in this regard. One of them is the aforementioned TeamSpeak that we are going to show you how to start up and the configuration options that it proposes.

Configure and Customize TeamSpeak

What is TeamSpeak and how will it help us on the PC

To give us an idea of what we are talking about, say that TeamSpeak is actually a communication system that will allow us to carry out many tasks in that sense. In this way we will be able to speak with Internet users from anywhere in the world directly and in real time. It is also a communication system that has been among us for a long time, thus gaining popularity and use.

In fact, it has become especially known among many online players who use it in their games to communicate with each other. Keep in mind that being a veteran software in these conflicts, it has not stopped improving based on updates. Therefore it has adapted to the times by offering new and more advanced functionalities.

Download and install TeamSpeak on our computer

Well, once we know what its real use is , the first thing we must do in order to test all of this is to download the client. At this point, it is worth mentioning that we find both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows and for Linux based computers . In turn, macOS users also have their own client on the official website of its developer, specifically from here .

web teamspeak

Therefore, now we only have to choose the version that interests us the most in each case, to download the executable locally. Then we can start the installation process of the selected client. Thus, in the same installation process, we have the possibility to choose if we want the program to be available to all PC users, or only to the current one. At the same time we can specify the location of the client’s own files.

Ubicación archivos

Once the client installation wizard has finished, something that takes a few seconds, we can create an account in the program. In the same way, we can access an existing one or access without registration so we can test the program first-hand. In any case, what we will have to do is assign a username so that other Internet users can identify us.

And it is that we must bear in mind that, as the name of the program gives us a glimpse, it focuses on group communication with others. Hence precisely the importance that we can be properly identified by the rest. Once the steps described above have been taken, we can start working with TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak user interface

The first thing we are going to mention in this regard, is that we find a simple user interface to start with.

interfaz teamspeak

It is divided into two clearly differentiated panels, one for our own use and another for the team or users with whom we are going to communicate. On the other hand, in the upper part of this main window, we find a series of menus that will help us when configuring and adapting the client to our needs, as we will see. It is also interesting to know that at the bottom we see a large dialog box that will help us to communicate via text . Here we can even make use of a series of emojis that TeamSpeak itself makes available to us.

emoijs teamspeak

First steps to using TeamSpeak

Once we know the basic concepts of the program’s interface, to directly start our first online connection, we go to the Connections menu. Here we click on the option called Connect. It will be then when we find a new window. In it we can enter the address of the remote server with which we want to connect.

conectarse teamspeak

By default we find that we can contact the TeamSpeak application’s own server. But of course, here we can specify any other third party, including its corresponding password if it is necessary for access . Once connected to a certain server, we will see that the action begins in the main window.

usuario conectado

At first, many users with the default values that TeamSpeak presents us will have more than enough. But in order to get the most out of the online communication client, many others may want to make use of the configurable parameters . For this we only have to go to the Tools / Options menu option. Then a window will appear on the screen with several categories that will allow us to configure the client’s behavior.

Configure TeamSpeak from your options

TeamSpeak app

Aplicación teamspeak

First of all, we find a section from which we can customize some aspects of the use of the program in general. For example, we can specify the use of the microphone, if we want to start the client with Windows, the language, etc. In the same way, we can indicate to the application the priority it will have over the rest running in the operating system.

myTeamSpeak TeamSpeak


We already mentioned before that, after installing the program as such, at first we could use it with or without registration. The truth is that if you are going to make intensive and complete use of it, it is advisable to have your own user account. Therefore, if we have accessed TeamSpeak as a guest , this section will be very useful. And it is that from it we have the possibility to manage it, or to access a new one if we did not do it before.

For this we only have to indicate the corresponding access credentials or indicate if we wish to remain connected to it at all times. In the same way we can customize the data synchronization, or even associate our TeamSpeak account with that of Twitch.

TeamSpeak Playback

reproducción teamspeak

How could it be otherwise, another important section when communicating with others online is the way they will see and listen to us. Therefore, from this section in particular we have the possibility of configuring the volume of both input and output audio. We also specify the mode that we will use when transmitting , stereo or mono, or even the decibels that we will use in these reproductions.

At the same time we find other options in this same sense for those who want to fine-tune the use of the client here.

Capture TeamSpeak

captura TeamSpeak

If we go to the section called Capture, what we do here is customize the sound system to be used in the captures we make. Therefore we specify the sound capture activation mode or adjust voice recognition with a test that we find in this window. We can also add a function for echo cancellation or to eliminate background noise automatically.

All this can be adjusted and tested intuitively from a single window, also without having to be an expert on the subject.

TeamSpeak design

diseño TeamSpeak

As in most of the programs we work with today, to get the most out of it we must adapt its interface . That is precisely what we are going to achieve from the Design section. With this we refer to the possibility of customizing the view of the rest of the users, the icons theme to use here, or how we will see the contents when we connect to a channel . Thus, depending on the use we make of the client, we can specify how we want it to behave visually in the interface.

TeamSpeak Plugins

complementos TeamSpeak

At this point it is worth knowing that we have the possibility of adding a series of additional complements to this client. These will be of great help to us when it comes to expanding both the functionality and improving the appearance of it. For this, as you can imagine, we have to access this specific section. In it we find a series of tabs that refer to differences, sections to add accessories. Thus we find one for new functions , another for themes, sounds, languages, etc.

This allows us to get even more out of TeamSpeak if we need to.

TeamSpeak hotkeys

teclas teamspeak

As in most of the programs we use every day, regardless of the system, keyboard shortcuts are basic. They, as you surely know, allow us to access and use certain functions in a faster and more effective way. For this we only have to use the corresponding predefined key combinations before. Well, this is something that we can also take advantage of in TeamSpeak.

In fact, from this very section we have the possibility of defining our own key combinations from scratch to a good number of functions. To do this we just have to click on the Add button at the bottom of the window.

Whisper TeamSpeak

Susurrar TeamSpeak

From this section, what we do is customize the whisper function by communicating in this way with other channel users. For example, we can customize the notification system that we receive or the time that these elements will be visible on the screen.

TeamSpeak Downloads

descargas TeamSpeak

As its name suggests, in this section we have the possibility to specify the path in which we want to save the contents downloaded from the client. In the same way, we can limit the total bandwidth that it can use for these, both in uploading and downloading content . This will be very helpful if in parallel we use the Internet for other tasks at the same time. We can also indicate the number of simultaneous downloads or uploads that we can carry out.

TeamSpeak Talk

charla TeamSpeak

Although we can do it via voice, text is also a widely used element in this client to communicate with the rest of the channel’s users. Therefore, being able to customize the operation of all this will also be very useful in most cases. This is something that we precisely carry out from this particular section. Here we will see parameters that allow us to save, or not, both public and private talks , or the number of lines of text that we want to have in view.

TeamSpeak Security

Seguridad TeamSpeak

When we access certain channels from this program, we need credentials. That is why this window allows us to manage the way in which the client will deal with the passwords used in these. We can allow TeamSpeak to remember them, or not, or use a master to use on all stored channels. We also have the possibility of cleaning the program’s cache to avoid privacy problems.