Color Converter: Color Selection Program for Windows

Working with color is something that many professionals in graphic design or application development need in their day to day. For this, it is important to have an application that takes care of this task. Some design apps have a built-in color selection tool, but it may not meet our needs. If we need to find a very specific color for a wallpaper or a theme, we can choose a program like Color Converter .

A color selector is nothing more than a program that we can use to scan color codes , something that can be essential for some graphic design or web design jobs. For this they need an application with which to know exactly what color is being used in each corner of the screen of our PC, quickly and easily.

Color Converter

Sometimes we may need to have the correct colors to be able to make an attractive and unique design, which can be a complicated task if we do not have a color selector that helps us establish the appropriate values for each color tone. That is why today we are going to talk about an application like Color Converter, which has been expressly designed to help us in this work and that we can use completely free of charge.

Color Converter, a simple and useful color conversion utility

Color Converter is a small, light and free utility for Windows with which we can convert RGB values to HTML / TColor codes and vice versa . This tool allows us to represent colors in various formats, such as RGB values or HTML codes, something that can be very useful when we work with various graphic design applications or create web pages. Often we may need to work with more than one of these formats, hence this converter can be of great help.

This simple application that allows us to carry out conversions between various color formats, has different color selection tools , as well as a color preview to check the results that we are obtaining, so that we can achieve the necessary color tone in each moment. With it we can also convert HTML to RGB / TColor , as well as convert from TColor to RGB / HTML .

Once we run the application we will realize that we are facing a light application that hardly consumes resources from our system, so it can be used on all types of computers, from the oldest to the current and less powerful. Thanks to this, we can leave it running in the background and work with other more complex projects simultaneously.

Outdated and outdated user interface

Its interface is completely in English, and despite being minimalist it gives the feeling of being somewhat outdated, outdated and obsolete . From a visual point of view, Color Converter is less than impressive, and the buttons used to access its various functions seem out of place, so a redesign for future updates would not hurt.

Color Converter interfaz

Despite the fact that its interface and design are not the most successful, this is not a complex application, since it is relatively intuitive , especially for users who are familiar with color selection. It will only be necessary to insert the necessary values to be able to convert them from one format to another, to finally copy the codes obtained to the clipboard.

Color Converter aplicando valores

In addition, the application has a color selection tool, which allows us to select specific colors from our desktop quickly. By clicking on its icon, a complete color table appears from which we can select the specific color that we need at all times.

Color Converter paleta de selección de color

Download Color Converter

Color Converter is a freeware licensed application, which means that it is completely free as long as it is for personal and non-commercial use. We can download it in its most recent version ( directly from the developer’s website . It is compatible with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system and weighs just 3.44 MB . It is a portable application so it does not require any installation on our part and allows it to be executed from an external device, such as a pendrive, memory card or hard disk. In this way, we can take it with us and run it on any other computer. Being a very light application it does not affect the performance of our PC and we can use it together with other applications.

For professional use , if it will be necessary to acquire your license , which has a cost of 149 euros. By purchasing it, this software can be used on all the computers we need and includes updates and email support for one year. The software can be used without time restriction, but it cannot be updated unless the license is renewed.

Alternatives to Color Converter

If we are looking for a color selection tool, but the Color Converter application does not quite convince us, we propose a couple of interesting alternatives that may be of interest.


It is an advanced color selection utility for Windows that is characterized by supporting various models and color tones, allowing us to choose colors from anywhere on our screen. It also has a built-in screen magnifier so it’s not much easier to get the level of precision you want. In addition, it is compatible with a large number of graphic programs such as Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator, among others. We can download ColorMania for free from its website , being compatible with the Windows 7/8/10 operating system.

Color cop

This color selection application allows us to choose any code that corresponds to any tone that we see on our screen. It is compatible with formats such as RGB, HTML, Visual Basic, among others. It incorporates a magnifying glass tool that is very useful to magnify any area of our screen up to 16 times. In addition, it allows us to store and memorize the colors that we use more frequently. Color Cop is a completely free application that we can download from its website .