Cloud gaming: in the end you will have to jump through hoops

Cloud? Who needs to store their files on a server hundreds of miles from home? Better a hard drive, many gigabytes, to have it physically and that no one else can access it. Things like that were said about services like Dropbox more than a decade ago, and it goes without saying what cloud technology now means in our lives. The right question in 2022 would certainly be whether someone believes that “cloud gaming won’t be capital a decade from now.”

Cloud gaming

Is the cloud not for gamers?

The fact is that, as the saying goes, “when you see your neighbor’s beard cut…” and, with video games, it seems that practically the same thing will happen as in the cloud storage revolution; the reproduction of content such as series and movies in the cloud; and collaborative work within the same office thanks to the cloud: whether we like it or not, services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now or whatever will exist in a few years, have come to stay and become increasingly important in our day to day.

We are not going to list the advantages of cloud gaming now because you probably already know them. Highly above we can talk about playing will be a hobby that you can relocate from your living room so it will be possible to continue the game where you left off, regardless of the device you have in hand. Mobile phones, televisions, tablets and of course computers become state-of-the-art video game consoles where the only requirement that we must meet is to have a good internet connection.

Cloud gaming doesn’t have many friends among gamers who consider themselves purists. That of not touching the machine that runs God of War Ragnarok , Pentiment or A Plague Tale Requiem with your fingers is practically a sacrilege and they refuse to experiment anywhere else that is not pushed by the graphic power that comes from the guts of their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S . Well, if you are among those skeptics, we have bad news for you because you are going to end up going through the hoops of cloud gaming … and you know it.

Stadia 4K Cloud Gaming Juego en la nube

The game in the cloud does not stop growing

If we affirm such a thing, which may seem a bit pretentious, it is because the data revealed by market studies on the growth of this game in the cloud does not stop growing. Despite the closure of Stadia (whose problem was not the technology, but how badly Google approached it from the beginning), it is clear that the industry is moving in that direction and although we will surely see new players fall off a cliff, they will end up staying those that are really viable. As it happened with storage.

Right now, analysts expect a growth in market value for the period 2022-2026 of a total of 5,730 million dollars, with an annual gap that offers double-digit numbers, something that speaks spectacularly of the future of this technology. Exactly, global markets are expected to grow on average by 33.54% per year. With a territory such as the United States, which alone accounts for 46% of the total size of that cake that extends throughout the world: the Asia-Pacific region, South America, the Middle East and, of course, Europe.

So yes, today and now it is very possible that gaming in the cloud can be seen as a whim of some gamers who claim to be pioneers, advanced, but as the years go by we will end up not making differentiations or not perceiving barriers. Cloud gaming will simply be one more way to have fun, as mobile phones were at the time, which, in a similar way, none of the most purist gamers believed would succeed and today they are the main source of income for the video game industry. global. Above the PC and any type of console.

So yes, we know you hate cloud gaming but in the end you will have to jump through hoops.