ClipClip Review: a Windows Clipboard Manager

One of the tools that we possibly use when working with the computer is the Windows clipboard. A function that we use frequently to copy and paste all kinds of content and then convert it into an image format. If you use this function a lot, you will surely be interested in ClipClip , a clipboard manager with which we will be able to increase our productivity.

With ClipClip, the clipboard takes on a new dimension

ClipClip is a program with which we can manage the clipboard function in Windows, allowing us to perform many more functions than the classic copy and paste. With this application we can copy multiple images, files or text to our clipboard.


Another of its outstanding functions is that we have the possibility of browsing or searching among them to convert them to Clips and save them, being able to assign them a title and allowing us to organize them for later use. In addition to storing text and image clips, it comes with a built-in editor for treatment.

Main features

  • Multiple folder and clipboard entries – There are no limits to the number of folders and subfolders we can add.
  • Search in the clipboard history : with this function we can find any data that we did not find, since it has its own integrated search engine. We can decide how many clips are stored in our history and search instantly when we need it.
  • Clipboard editor : we have our own Editor with which to correct any spelling error, apply basic formats, as well as undo / redo any action we have taken to correct it.
  • Multiple root folders : with this function we can organize ourselves, since we are not obliged to save our clips in a specific place. We can add folders anywhere on the hard disk, ideal if we work with multiple people or multiple file systems. It also allows us to choose to save ourselves to cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, among others.
  • Fully integrated with Google Drive : ClipClip has full integration with Google Drive, so we can easily share our clips.
  • Drag and Drop function to organize the clipboard : to move our clips from one folder to another nothing is easier than dragging and dragging. There is no excuse for not keeping our files organized.

ClipClip is much more than copy and paste

To take advantage of all the benefits of ClipClip, we must download it for free from its website . Once we run it for the first time, a recommendations window will appear, with a wide variety of folders that will serve to store and keep our clips organized. We can choose to include them all, or only some, or none and create our own folders whenever we want.

Elegir carpetas al iniciar ClipClip

Once we access the main menu, we find a clear and simple interface , helped by being in Spanish, although some functions are not translated. On the left side we will find a sidebar where it lists all the clips and folders by default (Screenshots, Bank Accounts, Addresses, etc). In each clip that we make and save, we will also find information about text, image, HTML, etc.

Menú principal de ClipClip

How to edit a clip

Editing a clip is as simple as double-clicking on it or right-clicking and clicking “Edit clip” . With this basic editor we can change some of the characteristics of our clip, such as adjusting colors, rotating and flipping images, applying effects and borders, and even working with layers.

ClipClip editar un clip

To paste a clip anywhere is as easy as using the classic keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V, or using the Clipclip context menu. Right-click on the clip and use the “Save As …” function to save the clip wherever you want.

Edit menu in the system tray

The Edit tab is located in the upper left part of the main menu, and it will be very useful for deleting clips or saving them in a folder. All content is saved in its original format. In this way, images will be saved in image format (PNG, JPG, etc.), text files will be saved in TXT format, etc.

Menú Editar en ClipClip

Option to “Apply action”

The “Apply action” option can be quite useful and we can access it by right-clicking on the clip. This function will allow us to convert a text from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa, capitalize the first letter, eliminate white spaces or underscores, reverse the text, among others.

Opción de aplicar acción en ClipClip

Alternatives to ClipClip

If you are looking for an application with which to replace the classic Windows clipboard, and ClipClip does not convince you, you can choose some of these alternatives.

Clipboard Master

It is a clipboard manager with which we can copy, paste, organize, and store all kinds of text and image files, as well as other files and folders. Clipboard Master has a multiple clipboard with which we can also access our previous copies, storing up to 10,000 entries. You can download it for free from their website.

Clipboard Help + Spell

It is a tool with which we can get some utilities, additions to the clipboard history. Its database stores the history of all the clipboard entries, including text and images that facilitate viewing, modification and subsequent search, allowing us to keep our notes and clips organized. Clipboard Help + Spell is free and can be downloaded from its official website .


It is an advanced clipboard manager as it includes editing and scripting functions. It is responsible for monitoring the system clipboard and saving all its content in custom tabs. It also allows you to copy and paste the clipboard saved at another time in any application. CopyQ is an application that we can download for free.