Clicador: Program to Simulate Automatic Mouse Clicks

Windows is an operating system that allows us to carry out all kinds of more or less complex tasks. In addition, these refer to all types of work modes, both professional and related to leisure. What is clear is that there are programs that additionally provide us with some of them. This is the case that we will talk about in these same lines, it is the program called Clicador .

As we mentioned, this operating system, the undisputed leader in proposals for desktop computers, tries to facilitate its daily use. For all this, it puts at our disposal a series of very important functions that are adapted to the needs of each one. Many of these are found in the Control Panel or the Settings application. An example is the possibility of automating certain jobs or system processes so that we do not have to be attentive to them.


For all this, the same Windows operating system offers us an integrated task scheduler. As you can imagine, this allows us to execute certain actions automatically without our interaction. But this is not always as effective as we would like or need.

Programador tareas Windows

Advantages offered by the use of Clicador

But with everything and with it, there are certain actions that we would like to automate and that is not possible from the aforementioned Windows task scheduler . By this we mean making automatic clicks in one or more windows that we have open. This is something that in certain circumstances can be very helpful. It is precisely for this reason that we can use the software solution called Clicador.

Specifically, this is a program that focuses on providing us with the possibility of making an automatic click in Windows windows. What’s more, all this that we comment on, can be carried out even in windows that we have minimized at that time. In this way we can continue working on others, while Clicador performs those automatic clicks in the background. You have to know that there are other proposals similar to these, but the vast majority of automatic clicks on open windows or on the screen.

Interfaz principal clicador

Starting the program to make automatic mouse clicks

First of all we will tell you that this is a portable program, so it does not need to be installed in Windows. Therefore, once we have run Clicador on the PC, the first thing we have to do is click on the Add button. As you can imagine, this will allow us to create a new custom automatic click configuration to use. Saying that this will lead us to a new window where we will have the opportunity to establish our own parameters for the process.

Configuración nuevo clicador

Of course, first of all, in order to configure what we are talking about, we must first make sure that the application or window in which we want to make automatic clicks is open. As we mentioned before, in this case it does not matter if it is visible or minimized, while it is working.

Configuration of automatic clicks in Clicador

We see that in the window to which we refer, we find a good number of customizable parameters. Among these we can highlight elements such as the time interval that must pass between each automatic click. At the same time we can specify the duration of the same or the mouse button with which we want it to be carried out. Of course, it may be the case, quite common that we want that automatic click to be made at a certain point in the window. That is why Clicador also allows us to specify the exact coordinates of that point that interests us, something that we can also program as random.

We also have several work modes that we find in the upper part of this window. Specifically in the section called Mode, you see a drop-down list with them in order to adapt the program to our needs.

Modos funcionamiento

Once we have customized this that we have commented to you, the next thing will be to check the box at the bottom of the window. This reads the Start / stop capturing infos message which is disabled by default. Thus, when marking it, then we must place the mouse pointer over the application in which we want to make the automatic clicks to establish the coordinates that we discussed before. For example, this will be very useful for us to make an automatic click on a certain button in the window we are going to deal with.

Thus, when pressing the space key on the button in question, we capture the exact coordinates and therefore the point will be clicked automatically. These coordinates will be saved in the configuration of the Clycer itself.

Alternatives to Clicador

AutoHotkey: this is a powerful software alternative to the one mentioned in these same lines that will also be very useful. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is a somewhat more complex proposal that will allow us to automate all kinds of tasks in Windows. This includes the automatic mouse clicks that we have been talking about. All this in this case is carried out by creating certain scripts that we can customize and adapt to what we need. In order to do what we are talking about, we can download the program from this link .

AutoMouseClicker: is another software that automates mouse clicks in a simple way. It is a free program that can help us by automating mouse clicks based on a script that we define. We can download it from this link .

How to download Clicador for free

As we mentioned at the beginning of these same lines, when we talk about Clicador we refer to a free application. Therefore, in order to take advantage of it, we will not have to pay a single euro. To all this we can add that we are referring to a portable program, so it will not even be necessary to install it on the system for it to work. Therefore, if you want to benefit from the advantages offered by the program to create automatic mouse clicks, you can do it from here .