Clear Disk Info Review: View the Status of Hard Drives and SSDs

hard-driveThere are many components and peripherals that are currently part of our computer, each with its importance and significance. Here we talk about RAM , the processor, hard drives, the screen we use, etc.

But in these lines we want to focus on one of the most important sections in any equipment, which is none other than storage . Here both hard drives that we have installed on the PC, as well as external devices that we connect sometimes connect to it. We talk about USB sticks , external hard drives or memory cards, among others.

Control the health of your hard drives in Windows

On the Internet we can find a good amount that help us to manage these storage devices, let’s see a very interesting one. And then we are going to talk about Clear Disk Info , a free program that you can download from this link . Specifically we refer to a portable application, so it does not require any installation in Windows.

To give us an idea, Clear Disk Info offers us a clear view of all the information related to the health of connected storage devices . In this way we can detect the possible failures that can occur in these. This is very important, since if we manage to find errors in those units, we will avoid losing information stored in the future. Keep in mind that monitoring the state of storage products is essential is essential in any computer .

Clear Disk Info interfaz

This is because a failure on a hard disk, for example, could cause data loss or corruption of system files. This, if necessary, could lead to certain functions fail, or the operating system cannot boot. Thus, to prevent all this, it is not a bad idea to create periodic backup copies of the most important files to ensure that they are not lost in case of problems.

At the same time, it will not hurt to monitor these storage devices to replace them before that happens. This is precisely what is Clear Disk Info. So, when we run it, what the program does is scan all connected storage devices and display them in its interface. Keep in mind that you can work with both SSD , HDD or flash drives .

This way we will avoid problems in our storage units

All disk drives connected at that time will be displayed in the left sidebar of the main interface. To do this we just have to make sure that the device is connected so that it can be analyzed. Say that the list is not updated automatically, although we can do it with the F5 key or from the program menu. At the same time we should know that here we will see a lot of information regarding each of the hard drives or USB sticks.

Clear Disk Info

How could it be otherwise, it describes the type of device, capacity , type of partition or its firmware . At the same time we will see that it shows us the total hours of use, as well as the estimated percentage of life that the SSD unit still has left. This, as you can imagine, will help us to know when the end of the life cycle of a unit is near. It is clear that to change the unit, we will only have to click on it in the sidebar of the interface.

Find errors on your disks quickly

In addition, this program is trained to help us detect important and critical information points using color codes . For example, critical and important information is highlighted with yellow and red icons . Similarly, everything we see in green indicates that the readings are fine and there is no need to worry about them. As we can see, Clear Disk Info makes it easy for us to check the health of any of the storage devices we use, all at a glance. On the other hand we can quickly review all SMART readings of hard drives without installing anything.

Clear Disk Info discos duros

It is also important to know that in the program menu, which is located in the upper right corner, we find other additional functions. For example here we will see a shortcut to the disk drive analysis tool. What it really does is call the CHKDSK functionality of the Windows system. Also from here we will also have the possibility, not only to analyze, but to repair the possible failures detected.