How to Clean the Mobile Screen Thoroughly and with What Products

Clean the Mobile Screen Thoroughly

The main element of smartphones is their screen and it is very important that it is always clean in order to get the most out of it. It does not matter what mobile we have, the brand, the model or the operating system, because all the screens need to be clean so that we can see them and use them in the best way.

So that you too can boast of having a clean smartphone, we are going to introduce you to the accessories to clean the screen that you cannot miss at home, even in your backpack or purse. In this way we can enjoy our smartphone without any of the many problems that dirt can generate on the screens appear. We do not have to worry about the mobile only when it is new, it is essential to do it continuously so that the terminal lasts a long time without having to renew it.

When and why do we have to use these products

Although for some they may be special cleaning accessories, they are elements that we should never stop keeping away from us. They are key both in times of cleaning during the day to day , and when drinks are poured on us, food falls on the screen or in some way the panel is affected.

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The quickest and easiest thing is to pass a napkin, any cloth that we have around the house or even the shirt, but this leaves traces not only of what has stained the mobile, but also of the element that we have used to clean. If we rely on the elements that we are going to know, we will ensure that the screen does not suffer failures because some rest of the liquids or food enter the smartphone or remain impregnated on the screen.

Although the stain has been on the screen for a few hours, with the accessories that we are going to know we can clean the screen to leave it as new . They are also products that are highly effective against bacteria, something that we should never lose sight of, since the panel is in continuous contact, not our hands, and it is very common for us to touch our face later, spreading it and affecting our health.

Products to clean the mobile screen

There are many options that exist and that allow us to obtain the desired result, a clean screen from corner to corner. But we do not always need the same product, that is why we are going to know the best options that exist along with their price and everything they offer us in terms of smartphone cleaning.

Microfiber cloths

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What can not be missing in any case is the microfiber cloth, whether we are going to clean the smartphone in depth, or if we are going to give it a pass to eliminate the traces, we have to have one of these cloths. In the same way as the cloths used to clean the glasses, these small cleaning accessories for the mobile are sold in packs so that we can always carry one in the car, in the backpack or have it at home. In this case, we come across a complete variety of colors so that our screen can shine again at any time.

Screen cleaning fluid

Although surely on some occasion you have resorted to moistening a cloth or have used the glass cleaner itself, it is not the most appropriate. If we want to keep the mobile screen in the best possible condition, we have to opt for a composition designed to take care of the LCD, Amoled and Oled panels of smartphones . This has a more than enough amount to clean the phone screen for a long time, being able to also take advantage of it with other device panels that we have at home. Just by spraying a little of the liquid and wiping it with a cloth, we will be able to see the screen shine.

Smartphone screen disinfectant

The cleaners somehow contain a small proportion of alcohol and elements that will help disinfect the screen of mobile phones, but there are in specific cases where the screen needs a disinfectant . All those phones that are somehow in contact with different people, would have to go through this sanitizing cleaner continuously or at least daily, which is not only valid for the screen, but also for the entire smartphone with great care.

Screen wet wipes

In case of looking for a solution to be able to clean the mobile screen anywhere , we have to think about wet wipes. These offer us the advantage of being able to always carry them with us to clean the screen whenever necessary. So we do not have to carry the liquid and also a microfiber cloth to clean the terminal. With a quick pass and letting it air dry, the panel will once again let us see the multimedia contents with the best possible result. The best of all is that by not opening the wipes, they will last a long time in our drawer, throwing only the necessary ones every day into our backpack or bag.

Mobile cleaning kits

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If we do not want to go with complications, we can decide on a complete cleaning kit for the screen, this offers us the advantage of integrating a thicker microfiber cloth and that therefore will last for a lot of use. In addition, it offers the ecological screen cleaning agent , which will take care of the screen and the environment. You just have to keep it at home and when the time comes we will use our kit, always ready.

Multifunctional Panel Cleaner

To achieve the best cleaning we do not need a lot of space to store products, we only need this advanced cleaner that has everything integrated in the same body. It consists of a small bottle with the cleaner in question, which we can fill with disinfectant or with the cleaning liquid that we want, once it is exhausted. But it is also that its body is made up of a thick microfiber cloth that manages to spread and clean the screen so that there are no traces, stains or other elements that spoil our vision of the screen. An all-in-one that also boasts a good price.