Chrome trick: open the websites of the favorites bar at once

When we sit down in front of our favorite internet browser, which in most cases is Google Chrome , we look for stability and speed. For this, the developers of these specific programs offer us a multitude of functions and features that try to improve their functionality, while maintaining security.

We are not aware of the importance of certain common functions in these browsers, until we cannot use them. In this sense, we can make a special mention of those called favorites, or the browsing history , for example. They are elements that we have found for years in this type of programs, and to which most of us have become accustomed. But as we told you before, sometimes we are not aware of how useful they are until they stop working or do not exist.

Chrome trick: open the websites of the favorites bar at once

This happens with many other sections offered by web browser developers, as is the case with Google with its Chrome . Next, we want to focus on something as important as the use of bookmarks or favorites that we use daily here. Most of you will already know that these are the elements that we use to store the different websites that we are going to need in the future. These allow us not to have to memorize the URLs that interest us over time.

In turn, we gain in productivity, since browsers like Chrome will allow us to use these favorites or bookmarks to access the pages we need more quickly. In addition, we find several locations within the program itself where all these direct links to web pages are placed. One of the most common and useful locations is the favorites bar at the top of the main Chrome interface .

Open all your favorites in Chrome in one go

Placing the favorites that we use the most in this location of the browser interface will be very useful for us on a day-to-day basis with it. We must take into account that this is a section that we constantly have in view while we move through the internet. As you can imagine, this allows us to directly access our most used websites at any time.

But the usefulness of all this does not end here, as we are going to show you below. We tell you all this because the search giant’s program allows us, if we need to, to open all the bookmarks located in the interface bar , at once. So with a click of the mouse we will have the possibility of directly accessing the websites located next to the address bar. To achieve this that we tell you, all we have to do is click with the right button on the aforementioned favorites bar that is located below the address box.

favoritos chrome

In the contextual menu that appears we find several options related to the start-up of all the favorites located here. In this way we will have the possibility to open all of them in the same window, in a new one, in an incognito one, or create a group of tabs. With this simple movement we will have all the web pages saved in this bar on the screen, at our disposal instantly.