How to Choose the Best Hashtags for Instagram

Instagram is the social network par excellence of photography lovers, of sharing day by day through an image and, why not, also of the posturing of the good. Its operation is as simple as uploading an image, adding a message related to it and waiting for it to be admired and commented.

We all know that getting followers is not a simple task but thanks to hashtags it can be simplified a lot ... don't you think so?

The hashtags are the best way to promote your business or just get your Instagram photos and entries reach the greatest number of people. These can be the key between a publication that hardly anyone sees and a real phenomenon in social networks.


Do you want everyone to see that image that you like so much? Be sure to use the most popular hashtags of 2019. We explain how to find them.

What is a hashtag?

Before going into the subject, we consider it convenient to do a little review about what a hashtag is. Surely, you've heard the name a thousand times both on television and through your favorite influencer and you probably don't know exactly what it is.

A hashtag is simply a word or term that is always introduced through a pad (#).

Hashtags are used to sort and also display images through the categories marked by the terms. That is, if we write # birthday on an image of our anniversary, it will appear next to the rest of the birthday images of all those who have written that same hashtag.

It is a way to categorize and also find images of a particular subject and, in turn, to find new users to follow if we like their photography. To put a simile, a hashtag is a label that marks the content of your photo.

It is for the same reason that it is so important to use a good hashtag if we want to make ourselves known. That simple word depends on our image appearing in the searches of millions of users or simply being relegated to the oblivion of our wall.

How to choose a good hashtag

Now that you know exactly what a hashtag is, you probably think that for your image to rise to fame, you need to choose the most popular hashtag of the moment. But things are not as simple as they seem.

Think that there are millions of photographs of the same subject and the more popular the label, the more images there will be. What is the possibility then that among those millions of Instagram photos choose yours? Very easy, you will need to have mischief and a lot of eye when choosing your hashtag.

Tip 1: A popular hashtag is not always the best option

As we have already told you, using the most popular hashtag of the moment is not the best option for your photography to rise to fame. Think that the Instagram algorithm will classify all images under the same hashtag and show only the best and with more followers.
That is why if you do not have millions of followers, it is likely that your photograph is buried by the accounts of the most popular instagrammers of the moment.

That is why before choosing a random hashtag or looking for the one that most people use, you stop for a moment to think and draw a marketing plan for your image.

It is important that you find a hashtag relevant to your photography and also look for extra terms related to it but that are not the main theme.

Create hashtags mixes and don't settle for just that popular thing, look for terms considered “niche” and you will be surprised to see how the audience of your photography rises.

Tip 2: Add the location of your photo

You might think that adding the location to a photograph of where you ate breakfast is not going to help promote your photo, but nothing is further from the truth.

Think that many users look for locations on Instagram to find beautiful places, that they want to visit or just are nearby and want to know what is in the area.

Adding the location of your photo is a simple method of increasing the chances that the Instagram algorithm begins to select your photos against those of your competitors.

Tip 3: Research your competitors

Look in the hashtag feed you want to use and investigate which photographs have achieved the best results. No, we are not saying that you copy yourself from your rivals but simply do what might be called a "market research."

Among the aspects that you have to take into account is how the photos have been taken, if filters have been used, if they are accompanied by text and if so, what type of information is shared, etc.

Once you have collected all the necessary information, simply make a combination of the most popular aspects of the photographs and you will be able to observe how you are getting much better results than you had until today.