How to Check if the Router is Well Cared for to Avoid Problems

There is no doubt that the router is a fundamental piece for our connections. It is the device that allows us to browse the Internet from our computer, mobile and any other device. This makes it very important to maintain the good condition, to always keep it without errors. We are going to give some basic tips for it.


Tips for caring for your router

It is important to configure a new router properly to avoid malfunctions and security problems . But it is also important to carry out continuous maintenance, so that the passage of time does not affect performance and avoid problems such as loss of speed, quality or stability of the connection.

Have the router updated

A key point for the router to function properly and never have problems is to keep the equipment updated correctly. We must ensure that the firmware version is always the most current.

In this way we will achieve optimal performance, be able to access improvements that may be included to make it work better. But you also have to take into account the importance of security. If we have outdated firmware , vulnerabilities could arise that are exploited by hackers to carry out attacks. Hence the importance of updating the router.

Protect with strong passwords

Following the thread of security, another essential tip is to protect it properly with good passwords . By this we mean creating strong keys for the Wi-Fi network and thus avoiding intruders, but also regarding the password to access the router itself.

That key that we create must be unique, have letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special symbols. All this in a random way, have a suitable length and it is also convenient to change it periodically to maximize safety even more.

Restart it successfully if there are failures

Are there faults in the router ? Today these types of devices are able to stay on for weeks without any problem. However, it could happen that at some point there is a saturation due to having too many devices connected. It could happen when there are many IP addresses to manage and especially on older devices.

This makes it necessary to restart it on occasion. Now, this is a process that we must carry out properly. It is not enough to turn off the appliance and turn it on again immediately. Ideally, keep it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again. So we will restart it correctly.

Avoid sources of heat

Regarding taking care of the physical functioning of the router, something very important is to avoid heat sources . This is something that affects all kinds of devices, as we can imagine. It is always advisable that they are in a place away from direct sunlight or other devices that can give off heat.

The heat could seriously affect the device both in the short term (it locks up and needs to be restarted) and in the long term. Many users have had problems with routers in the summer due to the heat. It is true that this is something that no longer usually happens with the most modern versions, but we should avoid it as much as possible.

Avoid dust and humidity

Something similar happens with humidity and dust . After all, it is a device more like a computer. It should be clean, that it does not accumulate dust inside that can damage the circuits and affect their useful life.

Also humidity could be harmful. We must place it in a dry, clean place where it does not run any physical risk. In this way we will ensure that it is properly cared for and not have problems that affect performance.