Check how many hours you have used your MacBook with battery


If you own a portable Mac and wish to monitor and manage your battery usage, including tracking charging times and keeping an eye on battery percentage, this guide will prove highly beneficial. By understanding your charging habits, you can effectively safeguard the health of your Mac’s battery, ensuring its longevity.

It can be seen in battery settings

Over time, the battery capacity of Mac notebooks naturally diminishes, resulting in a reduced energy-holding capability. This gradual degradation is an inherent characteristic of battery technology, eventually necessitating a replacement. However, understanding and optimizing our charging habits can significantly extend the lifespan of the battery, enabling us to prolong its durability to the fullest extent possible.

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To achieve this, a highly effective approach is to accurately track the duration of computer usage solely on battery power. However, the Mac offers more than just this information. It provides a convenient information panel that includes the following details:

1. Battery power percentage and its wear curve for each hour of the day.
2. Hours during which the computer consumed battery power.
3. Hours during which the computer maintained a consistent battery level.
4. Duration of time the computer spent charging.
5. Screen-on time for each hour of the day.

This comprehensive set of data is not limited to the past 24 hours of usage. In fact, a historical information panel allows us to access this data for up to the past 10 days. As a result, we have access to a complete array of information to evaluate our charging patterns and monitor the battery’s discharge level effectively.

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When our MacBook‘s battery is in an optimal state, we can observe a smoother curve depicting the rate of wear. Similarly, if we consistently use the computer while it is connected to a power source, the curve may show minimal changes or remain relatively stable. Conversely, if the battery health is poor, we may notice abrupt discharge peaks, false charges, and a reduced ability to retain energy compared to its previous performance. These observations provide valuable insights into the battery’s condition and can help us assess whether a battery repair or replacement is necessary.

How to check the health of your MacBook battery

The battery health serves as an indicator used by Apple to assess the physical condition and energy retention capability of the battery in its devices. To access this information, we can refer to the same menu mentioned earlier and navigate to the Battery Health section. If the battery is in good condition, it will display a message stating “Normal.” However, if the battery has experienced significant wear, a message indicating the need for repair will be shown. In such cases, the recommended options are to seek assistance from an official Apple technical service or an authorized repair shop.