How to Check the Calories Burned with Apple Watch

Without doubt, the Apple Watch is a highly recommended device for physical activity. This smart watch has some very visual tools that seek to inform us exactly of everything we have done in the day to day as the average heart rate, or the calories that have been burned in the day to day. But how can we view all these interesting data?

If at the end of the day we want to check how many calories we have burned throughout the day simply by walking and climbing stairs, or doing physical activity we can do it in a very simple way both from the Apple Watch and from the iPhone.


Check the calories burned in the Apple Watch

Although in a less visual way, the Apple Watch offers us all the information about the physical activity that we have done on a daily basis. To be able to make a query of these calories, we can do it following the following steps:

  1. On the Apple Watch press the digital crown side button to access all the applications of the watch.
  2. Look for the ‘Activity’ application that is represented by three circles of different colors.
  3. At first we will see the activity rings and if we go down with the digital crown, we will have access to the information of calories burned while we have moved.

We must keep in mind that these are the calories burned actively. If we want to check the calories burned passively we must resort to our iPhone.

Check calories burned on iPhone

If you want to have access to much more detailed information, you will have to turn to your iPhone to be able to access much more data and the truth is that the consultation on the mobile is much more comfortable.

  1. On the iPhone we will go to the ‘Activity’ application.
  2. As in the previous case, as soon as we enter we will see the activity rings and a little below we will see the calories burned in activity.
  3. Just below the graph of calories burned we can see the section ‘Total’ which is where both calories burned in an active and passive way are added. With a simple subtraction we can have the calories burned passively.
  4. If we want to consult the activity history of other months, we can click on the upper left corner to access all the months where we have had activity.

actividad iPhone What are calories burned passively?

We have referred in this article on different occasions to calories burned actively and passively. These two data that our watch gives us are very different although at first we can think they are the same. Calories burned actively seems to be quite obvious to know what it is, since it is the calories that are burned while doing a physical activity such as running, swimming or just walking.

The calories burned passively, corresponds to all the basal metabolic needs that our body requires throughout the day. We must keep in mind that our body to function normally must consume certain calories (to maintain body temperature, to make our heart beat …). This value called basal metabolism is calculated based on the personal data that we enter in the Health application. We can sum it up in that these are the basic calories that are burned simply to live.