Check the Battery Percentage of Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10

The operating system of Redmond, Windows 10 , does not stop growing and evolving in terms of its internal functions. That is why users increasingly rely on this version of the Redmond system, something they achieve based on new updates.

It is worth mentioning that Windows 10 recently added a new feature so that we can check the battery percentage of the Bluetooth devices that we have installed. However, it must also be said that at this time this is a function that still leaves much to be desired.

This is because this novelty we are talking about is designed in such a way that it does not work correctly for most Bluetooth devices. At first it seems that it only works with some Surface pencils or a pair of Beats headphones, but little else. Therefore, to know this information, the battery of our Bluetooth devices, we recommend the use of Bluetooth Battery Monitor .

Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Specifically we refer to a payment application but it offers us a trial version so that we can see how it works, which we download from here . Then it has a price of $ 5.99 for a single license, later we can obtain more additional licenses at a lower price. Therefore, at first the first thing we can do is download and install the trial version. This way we can check if it accurately reports the battery percentage of the devices.

How to use the Bluetooth Battery Monitor application

Once we have installed it on the device, we must deactivate the Bluetooth once to put it into operation again. Once connected, we can click on the icon of the application that is placed in the system tray. At the same time we have an update button for the program to search for the Bluetooth peripherals that are working right now and thus show us its percentage of remaining battery .

In the event that we cannot see it, it is best to disconnect it and reconnect it. We must bear in mind that in addition to informing us of the battery percentage of these products, Bluetooth Battery Monitor can also alert us when there is little left. This will help us to be aware that the battery of a device is low and that we charge it.

Bluetooth Battery Monitor configuración

By default it notifies us when the battery is at 25%, however, this is something we can customize. To do this we click on the same icon and then, on the cogwheel, we opt for the Settings option. Thus, in the new window that appears on the screen, we can place ourselves in the configuration of the application and change this warning value to the one we want.

In the same way from this same section we will have the possibility of activating the dark mode offered to us, or changing the color of the percentages to be displayed. Finally we will tell you that this is an application that has been with us for a while and responds quite well with most devices.