A unique Apple Watch for your style: changing the strap adapts the watch to your taste

Apple Watch devices are constantly innovating to adapt to the needs of all their users to continue being part of the best smartwatches of the moment, taking care of all aspects. Within them, personal style and preferences are an important section, as shown in the new patent that the company has just registered.

There are a large number of smart bracelets and watches in different versions and colors, so the choice is multiplied. However, this novelty of Google clocks could give you everything in the same device. Now, it can be exactly how you would like it thanks to the combination of strap with a total customization of its design adapted to your tastes.

changing the strap adapts the watch to your taste

Although we will not see it on the latest devices, and there is no guarantee that this will arrive at some point, it is undoubtedly a very interesting novelty that could make you fall in love from the first moment.

It will adapt your design or applications to the strap

A new Apple patent describes how the watch could make certain adjustments automatically when a certain strap is inserted . In this way, NFC chips could be placed on the bracelet so that the watch can take over these settings without you having to do anything. In the same patent, other components are included in addition to the NFC chip, such as one or more sensors.

fig2 apple watch

This has a host of useful applications, such as the ability to change the face or design on the Apple Watch to match the color of the strap you’re wearing without you having to do a thing.

Not only does it save you time, but it helps you adapt your smartwatch to your style if you’re not sure how to do it yourself or without having to experiment with what looks best with the strap you like. Thus, your watch will match the accessories you use at all times, without you having to configure anything.

fig1 apple watch

Another practical use of this new function would be the possibility of opening an application when you change the strap. For example, if you use a sports shoe, the exercise app would open, among many other options that we could think of. Thus, they would not only be limited to design, but also to functionality, and would save you a lot of time with automatic adjustments.

You could also limit third-party straps

Also, among the other functions that the NFC chip integrated into Apple Watch would have, it could take energetic measures against third-party accessories. If it detects that a paired band is not authorized , they could send a warning or even disable or modify some features of the device.

apple watch con correa deportiva

Although they are going to use it as a security measure, it may not be the best news for users who tend to use cheaper straps due to the large number of them and because they are more accessible. This novelty in Apple Watch could limit your user experience or force you to opt for more expensive accessories that may not be what you were looking for.

We really don’t know what Apple will finally do with the new patent, or if it decides to bring it to market, although we don’t think it will be in the next releases this year. But when it does, if it does, it will be a great innovation. How about?