How to Change the World of Relationships with New Technology

The world of relationships is rapidly changing with the onset of new technology. Now, people don’t even have to leave their homes to find a partner and carry on a full relationship.

The first generation of dating sites are old news, though. The new technology that is being infused into dating is going to rapidly and drastically transform the way we think about romance- here’s how.


3D Face Verification for Online Safety

According to research from the experts at, roughly 10% of all people that are using free sites today are scammers. They are attempting to use whatever means they can to subvert the website’s safety, get people on the hook, and then get information or money from them. That’s why it’s important not to give out much personal information in the early parts of your relationships.

While paid accounts will weed out some of the people that are scamming on dating sites, there are still plenty of scammers. That’s why 3D face recognition technology is being implemented on the next generation of dating sites. There’s no way to get past it- you’re a real person with one account and your face has to be verified upon login. It’ll keep everyone a lot safer.

Fingerprint Scans

There are a variety of apps in the present day that are using a person’s fingerprint to log them into their account. Using a smartphone or other touchscreen, you’ll have the ability to use your thumbprint as your site login measure.

Instead of having to think up a password, you can simply use this security method, increasing your personal security. After all, your thumbprint is highly unique so nobody else that you encounter will be able to gain access to your profile on the website.

Of course, this involves giving your fingerprint to the dating site so that they can scan it to confirm that it’s you. While that might be troublesome, as long as you pay attention to the rules that the site has set forth, you should be more than safe using this method.

Virtual Reality Glasses for Online Dating

The final major change that is coming to online dating is the presence of virtual reality glasses. These glasses will allow you to sit them on your face so you can interact with a person in a virtual space.

Basically, you’ll be broadcast into a virtual setting where you can use a combination of voice and video chat to see your date right in front of you. This technology is still in its infancy, but there are many different applications that will be used for dating.

Specifically, there is the hope that you can put your face onto an avatar and interact with people like you’re having a real date. The VR system could cast your whole body into the digital realm.

Moreover, you could take your dates any place in the world that has a camera. Some people might want to date in front of the Taj Mahal or in a swanky place in New York City. It’s all up to the desires of the people that are using the technologically advanced dating sites!


The world of online dating is changing in the near future. New technology will improve everything from the security of the websites to their ease of access. Most people are going to welcome the changes that are coming because they won’t have to fight for their privacy and protection so hard.

However, the fact remains that this is all for the better; finding love will be more secure and fun with fewer people getting their money or information taken from them.