Change the typography on Instagram and TikTok at will

There are many ways to attract the attention of others on social networks and one of the easiest is to modify the typography of the publications . More and more people are launching into it and if you also want to try it, but we don’t know how to do it, be very careful, because the steps to follow are as simple as copying and pasting from your own Android or iOS smartphone.

Before delving into the explanations for changing the font on Instagram or TikTok, we must know that in both cases we must first consider the area in which we want to make the change. On the one hand, we can change the shape of the text in the profile or biography, something that is limited, since not all styles are valid and it may be impossible to use it. In other cases, as we will see later, we also have the option, which is much more common and involves modifying the finish in the posts.

Change the typography on Instagram and TikTok at will

Letters for profile name or bio

We begin to explain the simple process that will allow us to change the name or biography in our Instagram and TikTok account. Here the idea is based on keeping our name, but making it distinguishable from other users with a unique style . For this, the best option that we can give you is through an application that works in a simple way and offers many possibilities. You only have to download it on your mobile and follow the steps that we are going to explain.

Once inside the app, we have to write the desired text at the top and then we will go down to find all the available fonts. There is something for all tastes and the best thing is that practically 100% is compatible with Instagram and TikTok, so we should not complicate ourselves at all. Once we choose our favorite, we play on it, and later we copy it to the clipboard.

tipos de letra instagram tiktok

Now we go to the social network, we touch on our profile and edit. Here you just have to select the name and paste. Once saved, we will see the change in our account and we will be the envy of our followers.

Typography in videos or photos

We move on to other situations, where we want to use text in posts. First of all, we must differentiate between the texts that accompany them in a descriptive way and those that appear in the multimedia content. In this case, we are going to explain how to use letters for the descriptions, since they are those that do not need editing programs, if we want to recreate ourselves with video editing we will have to use the smartphone gallery or other tools.

We also want to remember that, if we are going to add hashtags to the publication , it is convenient not to do it with novel fonts, since if we do, they may not be recognized. In this case, we focus on attracting the attention of all those who are going to stop to look at the Instagram photo or the TikTok video and search for more information in textual form.

tipografias textos instagram

If we are going to add only a few words, we can use the method from before, but if we want to add a large text, we advise you to enter this website. Here we will write the desired text and then we will only have to move to copy the format that we like the most. There are all kinds of possibilities, fonts with serifs, upside down or even with manual finishes.