Change the Default Mouse Cursor in Chrome

Many of you already know first-hand that Internet browsers are the most widely used types of programs at the moment. Not surprisingly, just starting the PC, in most cases one of the first applications that we run in Firefox, Chrome or Edge, among other similar proposals.

These are the software channels that we use to access the immense virtual world that we have at our fingertips on the Internet, hence its importance. In fact, its current developers are fully aware of its market penetration , so they put all their efforts to take care of their personal projects. As we told you, there are several alternatives of this type that we can use, although the leaders are really reduced to three.

Change the Default Mouse Cursor in Chrome

These are the ones discussed above from Google , Mozilla and Microsoft . Moreover, if we want to delve a little more into this same topic, say that Chrome is, by far, the most used proposal of this type. With a penetration close to 70% of global use, the truth is that the rest of its competitors are far behind. But be that as it may, if something common to all these browser developers, they are the sections that they take the most into account in their programs.

With this, what we want to tell you is that they especially take into consideration sections such as functionality, security, and the appearance of their projects. In this way, the aim is to offer the latest technologies and the best experience to its millions of users.

Customize Chrome’s interface natively

Well, in this specific case we want to focus precisely on this industry-leading program owned by Google, Chrome . In fact, what we are going to show you next is a somewhat peculiar way of customizing and modifying the appearance of some parts of the program in daily use. First of all, what we must bear in mind is that, natively, Chrome itself already offers us various parameters for this that we are commenting on.

These we will find, for the most part, in the menu of the program itself, more specifically in its Configuration option. Here we just have to go to the Appearance section to take a look at what is presented here.

aspecto Chrome

From this window we have the possibility to configure and customize some parameters of the application interface such as the placement of some buttons. Likewise, we can specify the font that will be used in the program, the default zoom of the webs or the bars in view. Little more, so if we want to go a little further in this sense, we will have to use third-party extensions, as is the case.

Change the appearance of the mouse when using Chrome with these extensions

Specifically in these same lines we want to focus on an element of the importance of the mouse when we use any web browser. This is the element that we use to indicate elements, download, or simply navigate, among many other things. That is why many of you may prefer to give another aspect to this element that we are commenting on to work with a somewhat more original or personal Chrome.

This is something that we will achieve through a series of extensions for this program that will surely surprise more than one of you. That is why we recommend that you take a look at them.

Custom Cursor for Chrome

We started what we are talking about to customize the appearance of the mouse in Chrome with an extension full of curious cursors for the program. For all this, it offers us a large collection of these elements, all of them for free. At the same time, it allows us to upload our own and personalized cursor to the extension to have a better user experience in the Google browser. We can achieve this with any image that is approximately 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels in size and with a transparent background.

Cute Cursors

On the other hand we find Cute Cursors, another extension of the same type that replaces the default cursor with a more original one. This is offered by the complement that we are talking about so that we can forget about the element of this type of all life. Saying that the extension presents us with several alternatives or designs to choose from.

Change Cursors for Chrome

Changing the third, now we talk about an extension for Chrome that also allows us to change the mouse cursor with a single click. It provides us with a collection of easily accessible personalized elements of this type. In this way, what is intended is that we have a better browsing experience. In this case, we will find designs shaped like an arrow, a hand, a heart , etc.

Cursor style

Here we find another set of mouse cursors for Google Chrome, all of them free to use. It should be noted that in this specific case we find hundreds of options, in addition to being able to add our own elements to the collection. Therefore, in addition to the original 300 cursors divided into categories , we can add our own. Of course, for these to work well, it is recommended to use images of a size no larger than 128 x 128 pixels and no larger than 100 KB with a transparent background.

Own cursor

This is a proposal to customize Chrome that basically allows us to upload our own cursors to the program to later use them in the browser. To avoid incompatibilities, its developer recommends using images with a transparent background that does not exceed 128 x 128 dots. For example, for this we can use the PNG format.

Cool cursors for Chrome

As the name of this extension allows us to glimpse, Great Cursors gives us the opportunity to choose a new design for this specific element, from the collection that it presents to us natively. Here we have cursors of the most diverse shapes and colors such as arrows, stars, cinema-themed, etc. At the same time we can add our own images for it.

Amazing cursors

To say that in this case we will find more than 150 varied cursors to navigate in Chrome in a more original way. To do this, it is enough that we download the corresponding pack of cursors and choose the one that we like the most.

Incredible cursor custom

If we want to give a special touch to the cursor that we constantly have on the screen when browsing with Chrome , this is a more than interesting alternative. This is an extension that offers us more than 100 elements of this type to choose from. In addition, as has happened in other proposals already discussed, here we can also upload our own designs and add it to the default collection.