Cat S52 Review: Features of the Rugged Mobile Phone with the Best Camera on the Market

cat-s52In the United States alone, it is estimated that 5,761 mobile screens are broken every hour. It is not uncommon to see a shattered cell phone and not only on its screen, but also by blows on the sides or even those damages that are suffered due to water accidents. The solution for many users is to do with an ultra-resistant mobile phone like the new Cat S52 , which is currently one of the most complete unbreakable options on the market.

The evolution of the so-called rugerized mobiles has been spectacular. Not so many years ago, these rugged mobiles had a rough appearance that was rarely consistent with the design of the times. Now, thanks to the development and work of companies such as Cat, a rugged mobile phone can camouflage itself and go perfectly through a smartphone to use, but with all the features and the unbreakable seal that characterizes the brand and its terminals.


Why a rugged phone?

There are many reasons why, a rugged mobile like the new Cat S52 can be the solution for many users. Either because we have children at home who usually throw the phone to the ground or because we work in harsh environments of dust, dirt and fall possibilities, the answer to not take surprises goes through a terminal of these characteristics. The result will be a significant savings in repairs, and have in our hands a terminal that will not affect the passage of time and that will always remain as new.

Cat-S52 en la playa

Cat S52, resistance as DNA

The new Cat S52 has an IP68 certificate , which makes it immune to water and dust. This means that we can put it under the tap without problem, fill it with sand on the beach or throw a cup of coffee, as it will continue to function as if nothing had happened. In the tests that Cat performs before approving its terminals, the S52 has been subjected to multiple drops from 1.5 meters directly to concrete floors and from multiple angles with excellent results.

Part of this success is the high-quality aluminum reinforcement that surrounds the terminal, with a TPU back plate that offers a non-slip grip. To make matters worse, the screen is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 glass , resistant to bumps and scratches. The safety section is also present in this device thanks to its fingerprint sensor located on one side and that allows a fast and safe unlocking.

Performance at height

Although its main DNA is the resistance and that of a mobile that will remain intact for a long time, the Cat S52 has features that position it as a powerful smartphone. It has a 5.65-inch HD + screen, 64 GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD cards) with 4 GB of RAM and a long-lasting battery that supports fast charging. Nor does it lack advanced connections such as 4G or NFC to make mobile payments.


Photos Made in Sony

The Cat S52 is also up in the photographic section, thanks to its dual 12 megapixel Sony pixel sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and a large pixel size of 1.4 µm. This provides excellent performance in low light conditions, which makes it the best camera on the market for rugged phones. In addition, the quality of the selfies are also assured thanks to its 8 megapixel front camera.


With Android 10

Another of the good news is that although the terminal has been launched with Android 9 Pie, Cat has worked hard so that it can be updated to Android 10 and have all the advantages and news of the new Google operating system. This makes the Cat S52 at the same height as many of the high-end smartphones on the market.