How to Download HBO Series and Movies to Watch Them Offline

download-hbo-seriesAt last. You are going to show your HBO series when you get on the plane, or when you go to the town for a family visit. The content streaming service has included in its application the desired function that allows you to download series and movies so you can view them offline when you have no data connection or WiFi.

How to download offline series from HBO

To enjoy the new function you will only have to have the official application of the service updated to the latest version, or else you will not see the new icon that has been included in the interface. It will be as easy as clicking on this new download logo to start downloading the contents directly to the memory of your device.

  • To do this you just have to open the HBO application and visit the series or movie in which you are interested. Those series and movies that allow downloads will show the “Downloadable” tag.

  • Next to the sipnosis and the presentation of the content, you will see the already known button to add to My list (+) and next to it, the new download button.

  • When you click on it, the chapter will begin downloading into your memory.

  • It will be added immediately to the My Downloads section.

At the time of writing this article, the function of downloading HBO series and movies was only available in the official iOS application, since the Android version did not show the option for now. We imagine that it will be a matter of a few days (or hours) until the download arrow is available to all users.

How many videos can you download on HBO?

If we take a look at the new download section, we can see how the service informs us that the maximum number of episodes / movies that we can store is 25. It is a somewhat strange limitation that for some reason aims to limit the time of use offline In addition, to this we must add that some content will have a license with an expiration date, so at the time this expiration arrives, the content will be automatically deleted from the memory of your device, whether you have seen it or not.

KIDS Mode and offline downloads

In the same way that an administrator account would work, downloadable content can only be managed from the main HBO account, so those parents who want to have movies and children’s series downloaded to the phone or tablet, will have to do so from the main account , and not from the KIDS account. Once the contents have been downloaded, you just have to switch to KIDS mode and visit the downloads section to see the contents.

And quiet, as expected, the menu will only show those contents that are appropriate for the little ones, hiding the rest of adults.