Care so that the Mi Band does not irritate the skin

We may not be aware from the first moment, but if you have noticed that the Xiaomi Mi Band causes your skin to become irritated , itchy or damaged in some way or another, the truth is that we should take into account one series of aspects. Although they are designed to be used both day and night, without taking it off at any time, the sensitivity of each person’s skin can lead to these problems that we have just mentioned.

Although in most cases, the main reason for this irritation is chemical or induced by our own sweat, the truth is that other factors must also be taken into account, such as cleaning or even the material of the strap of the activity tracker that we are currently using. And it is that, as much as we have fallen in love with the smartband, our health and safety is much more important. Therefore, we will give you a series of cares that will come in handy so that you can continue using it.

Mi Band does not irritate the skin

Why it happens?

Before going on to talk about the different solutions that we will have at our disposal, it is necessary to know the cause that has caused this problem in our wrists. In addition, we are facing a common cause for those users who use a smartband or a watch daily, although it is clear that it will also depend on the skin type of each person.

Therefore, the irritation of the watch is often referred to as ‘ watch rash ‘, something that can be perfectly applied to the Xiaomi activity bracelet, since it occupies the same position as a classic watch. Dermatologists refer to this health problem as contact dermatitis, which is a form of eczema. If you do not know what it is, we are facing a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of different red spots that are accompanied by intense itching, that is, the skin ends up swelling.

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But, the most important thing is that this contact dermatitis is usually caused by three different stimuli: allergens , irritation or friction . However, it is usually the latter that most commonly causes the rash of our wrists, however, allergens from certain materials can also be a probable cause for many users who are unaware of what the strap is made of or simply because they were not aware of have an allergy to that particular material.

How to prevent it

Now that we know the most common causes that lead us to make our wrists swell and red, or itch more than necessary, it is time to move on to the different solutions that could end our problem. To do this, we will give you up to five different methods, so that in this way you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for, or the one that can work best for you.

Wash it well

One of the first care that we will have to take into account will always be to regularly wash both the device and the bracelet strap, especially after having sweated. Best of all, we can separate the strap from the pickup, so we will have no impediment to do it frequently. And it is that we do not have to do it every day. To do this, use a solution of mild soap and running water. Afterwards, rinse it well and make sure there are no traces of soap left. Finally, dry both the strap and the pad well and fit it.

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And although you can put on your smartband while you shower or when you go swimming, since it is not highly recommended that the wet strap is continuously rubbing our wrist.

Adjust your Mi Band

This is another of the fundamental points, since it is about finding the perfect balance between leaving it tight and loose so that it never hurts us again. Basically because if it is too tight it will simply be uncomfortable, and if not, it can cause too much movement and cause skin irritations.

Therefore, it would be better to let the skin of your wrist breathe and even remove your activity bracelet from time to time. You can also vary the position of the device on your wrist a bit.

Try another material

In the event that your skin reacts to the silicone strap, you should try another type of material, such as a textile strap . In addition to that you will find many options if you investigate online, since they have manufactured all kinds of straps for the smartbands of the Chinese firm.

Also, you should take into account if at the time it seemed like a good idea to buy a metal strap, the truth is that if it has nickel it is likely to be the cause that your wrist suffers. We are facing one of the most common allergens, and that is that most metal straps contain it. Therefore, it is best to avoid metal straps altogether.

Therefore, the best options will be those straps that are made of leather and rubber. Although everything will depend on tastes and what is best for each person’s skin, so it will be a good idea to try different options until you find the most suitable one.

Change wrist

Changing your wrist from time to time will be another point that will help us prevent the skin from being damaged by wearing a Xiaomi smartband . Especially if you wear this activity tracker day and night. Therefore, we recommend that you put it on the other wrist before going to bed, or even take it off to prevent it almost completely.

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In addition, with the exchange of wrists we can avoid the accumulation of bacteria and any prolonged friction during the day. What’s more, it can easily become habitual, it will only become a habit.

Other points

We come to the last points that you would have to assess in order to take the best care of your skin when using a Xiaomi Mi Band . Therefore, the first thing you should know is that it will be a good idea to avoid applying any type of perfume, lotion, bronzer / sunscreen or insect repellent in the area where you are wearing the watch. And it is that, in the event that the bracelet comes into contact with these or other chemical products, it could end up causing irritation easily.

In addition, before using this type of device, you must be careful not to rub any type of scratch or cut that you have in that area. And we recommend not using a Mi Band if the skin is irritated , so you should wait until it has healed.