How to Capture a Shiny Pokemon in Pokémon Go

pokemon-goPokémon Go has been a revolution in the world of smartphone games. Its launch on Android was on July 6, 2016, and exceeded one million downloads in just a few days. And far from being forgotten, last year he obtained about 800 million dollars in turnover, the best year in its history.

Today and after several updates, Pokémon Go is in its fourth generation , and it is expected that in this 2020 it will soon update to the fifth , including up to 40 new characters . The fifth generation encompasses the titles Black, White, Black 2 and White 2, which bring completely “original” creatures, without new developments or new offspring from previous generations.

The shiny Pokémon came for the first time to the Niantic game in 2017, and they did it without warning, but since then one of the main goals and biggest trophies of the game is to get a catch of this type.

What is a shiny Pokémon?

A shiny Pokémon (in Japanese 光 る ポ ケ モ ン Bright Pokémon), also called variocolor , is a type of character in the game that presents an alternative, different and rare coloring , unusual within the species of each creature. The term shiny was created by the fans of the game to refer to the characteristic sound that they present when they appear, similar to a flash, which symbolizes the exclusivity of the find before us. This type of specimens has become a phenomenon in the Pokémon world because of its rarity and mysticism. A coach who has a certain Pokémon already interesting, such as a Charizard or a Gyarados at the highest level, and also has the shiny mutation, is considered by others as someone strong, experienced, and must be respected.

Are there the legendary shiny?

Of course, but these types are the most exclusive and difficult to achieve , since they are rare and exclusive in themselves, to which we must add the low percentage of possibilities we have of being shiny. However, it is not impossible, and there are coaches who have this type of Pokémon so exclusive, such as a Groudon or a shiny Kyogre.

How likely to capture one do I have?

This type of mutation is very unusual and has a very low probability of occurrence . There is no pre-established ratio to determine the percentage of possibilities that a shiny appears before us. In fact, it is totally random , and it depends on how lucky we are. Even so, it has been assessed that this ratio, averaging among players, could be around 1/450 , both wild and hatching. It is a low probability, but not impossible. We will only need time and effort, and of course, luck.

However, a number of advantages can be exploited to try to reduce these possibilities as much as possible.

How can I get a shiny Pokémon?

Currently, there are six different ways to get one of these exclusive characters:

  • By hatching: although it is completely random, there is the possibility of getting a shiny through the eggs.
  • By evolution: if we already have a shiny Pokémon and we do it evolve, its evolution will also be of this type.
  • Wild Pokémon: These kinds of creatures are naturally found as wild with a bit of luck.
  • Raids: As with the legendary, raids are a good way to catch a character of this type, and in fact, it is the best method to capture a legendary shiny Pokémon.
  • Completing research tasks: sometimes, we can receive as a reward for completing one of these missions a shiny Pokémon.
  • Temporary: on certain special dates, Niantic announces events where the possibility of obtaining one of these awards increases considerably.

To get a shiny Pokémon, it is very important that you focus on this type of ways that facilitate the complicated and random task of getting one , there are no tricks or hacks allowed to get them, so that the only way to get One is focusing on reducing the possibilities to the maximum, taking advantage of the special events of Niantic on certain dates, going to all the raids you can (in which you can get more easily legendary) and completing research tasks to get one as a reward.

As you can see, shiny Pokémon are specimens that not everyone can boast of having, and that are very difficult to obtain, although following these tips you will get to have one or even several of them in a short time. The key is to cut distances by taking advantage of events, and of course, luck.