Can’t Make Calls with Your Xiaomi Mobile: Possible Solutions

From Xiaomi we have reviewed almost everything. Tricks to save battery in MIUI, fix camera problems, screen, performance or any component that may fail in your Chinese brand mobile, and we have even told you what to do if your smartphone does not even turn on. But what happens if the problem is that it is impossible to make calls with the mobile?

The cause of this problem is usually difficult to find but surely if you try any of the following solutions that we offer, you will find the key that allows you to make calls normally from your Xiaomi smartphone.

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Do you have problems in the two SIM slots?

Generally, almost all Xiaomi smartphones are compatible with two Sim cards, so the first thing you should do is check if the problem is in one of them or in both, housing the card in each of the slots.

Is fixed dialing activated?

If, for whatever reason, you have enabled soft dialing in the phone app settings, your mobile can only call these numbers and make emergency calls. To deactivate it, you must follow the following steps:

Phone app> 3-point menu> Settings> Call accounts> Advanced settings> Fixed dialing numbers> Choose the SIM card> Deactivate fixed dialing numbers

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Have you activated airplane mode?

It may be that, without realizing it, you activated the airplane mode that, as you should know, cancels all the wireless connections of the device.

To exit this mode, open the quick access panel of your Xiaomi by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen, locate the airplane mode icon and, if activated, uncheck it.

Do you have coverage?

If you have selected that the mobile connects to a certain network, and it does not offer coverage, you will not be able to make calls with your Xiaomi . It is best if you select the automatic selection of Network.

Settings> Sim cards and networks> Mobile networks> Automatic

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If you still do not have coverage , it may be a specific problem of the operator or that the signal does not reach the area where you are. Try calling later or change areas.

Phone overload

There are times when overloading the phone and, consequently, overheating it, can prevent the phone app from making calls. This happens with all smartphones and the solution is to turn off the smartphone for a few minutes.

Are outgoing calls restricted?

This is something that you cannot configure from the mobile itself and that depends on your telephone operator. If outgoing calls are restricted, you will not be able to call anyone and you will have to contact your company’s customer service to get your line set up correctly.

What if the problem is with the SIM card?

The problem may not be with your Xiaomi smartphone , but with the card provided by the operator. To check all you have to do is take it out of your mobile, insert it into another phone and check if it works or not. If it still doesn’t work, you know where the problem is.

Reset Network settings

The configured Network settings may have been misadjusted for any reason. You can restore them by accessing the settings app, selecting Connection and sharing, and choosing the option called Reset Wi-Fi, mobile network and Bluetooth.

Then select the SIM card to act on and select the option at the bottom of the screen, Recover settings.

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Factory reset the phone

Factory restoration is usually the last step to fix any type of problem on your Xiaomi . As you already know, this will completely delete the data stored on your smartphone, so you will have to make a backup before to reinstall it later.

The path to follow is Settings> About phone> Backup and reset> Delete all data.