Can’t Answer Calls on Realme X2: How to Fix it

The Realme X2 has gradually become an option to take into account within the mid-range sector, its benefits and the reduced price make it a good option, although like other models it suffers specific problems, in this case when answering calls .

It can be very frustrating to try to answer a call on our mobile phone and for some reason we cannot answer it, at which time the first thing that can come to mind is to restart the mobile phone. This sometimes solves the problem but in many others it does not help. We offer you solutions so that you can end this problem on your mobile, as we saw when increasing the battery life in our Realme X2 with a series of tips and tricks.


Reset network data

One of the most probable failures that our X2 relay is suffering has to do with a failure in the mobile network and before calling our company to check if the service is down, we can reset only the network settings of the terminal. This solution is usually very effective and in most cases it will allow us to answer calls again without problem . To do this we will have to go to Settings> System> Recovery> Mobile network recovery and then click on recover settings.

Restablecer ajustes red realme

Clear phone app data

The problem may also be linked to the phone application, something that in future updates you can solve but for now we will try to solve it leaving it as the first day . For this we will have to enter the Settings> Applications and here we look for the phone call app, where once inside we enter storage and delete both the cache data, as well as the rest of the storage. This can only mean losing the call history, contacts will not be affected.

responder llamadas realme x2

Download an alternative phone app

If with the previous methods we have not been able to solve the problem, we can always choose to search Google Play for a call application that replaces the Realme one and which is not giving problems. Within Google Play we will find many options although one of the simplest is Simpler Phone, an app that has everything we need to replace our default app, even links our contacts with the Google account.

App teléfono

Download Simpler Phone on Google Play

How to set it as default

If we want this to be our default app for receiving calls and that we do not continue to suffer problems with our own, we just have to enter Settings> Applications> Open by default and choose it for our calls. In this way we will avoid skipping the Realme phone application that may be causing us to not be able to answer calls correctly.

Coverage issues

The problems may not be directly linked to our Realme X2 and instead it may be coverage failures or our mobile line. To know if we have coverage and network we can look at the top left of our Realme X2 and check the level of coverage, if it is low, we could have lost the signal and to recover it we will have to move a little or leave the house or the building.

If our coverage is good, it may be that the problem is called by the caller, being likely to be driving, going through a tunnel or other reasons. In the failures related to the coverage we cannot do much more than call the company to know if there are problems in our area with the coverage or try the SIM card in another mobile phone.

Our last option is hard reset

If after having tried all of the above and having contacted our company, the error seems to reside in Realme X2 we only have to keep in a safe place all our photos , music and other files to proceed to perform a hard reset and leave it as new To carry it out first we will have to turn off the mobile and then press and hold the power buttons and turn down the volume at the same time, until we see the Realme logo on the screen.

Using the volume keys we will move through the options and then with the unlock button we accept. We search the English language among the options and then select Wipe data and then choose Format data in the same way. Once we have completed it, our mobile phone will restart and on turning on it will be like the first day, hoping that now the problems to answer calls are resolved in our Realme X2.